Blog Series

Today you are here. No amount of daydreaming or scheming can remove you from this moment at this precise place in space and time. You can change where you’ll go tomorrow. You can change the patterns you’ve set for yourself. You can hope for something different in the future. But nothing you do can pull you away from the present moment. Today you are here.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on peace. Who could be when the mere mention of the word brings with it a million connotations of unrealistic ideals. I do however believe that if we are called to be peacemakers there must be some practical ways to carry out this commission. This was in conjunction with the write31 day challenge in 2014.

Pictures matter to me. I value capturing memories and moments and beauty from behind the lens of a camera. I am no professional, I play around with effects and edits until I think it looks good. But every time I look back on photos from times past I am reminded of the joy of every season, and the blessings I have encountered. So in 2015, for my benefit primarily and the benefit of those who enjoy looking at my life from the perspective of my camera, I posted the top picks from each week here.

It is always so easy to get lost in the busyness of the Christmas season. Even the best intentioned, well-meaning Christians (myself included) who know all the truths behind why we take time to celebrate can quickly lose their intentions and meanings in the midst of tinsel, wrapping paper, and powdered sugar. May these daily writings provide a moment or two away from the hubbub of the holiday. These writings are based around the traditional themes of advent (hope, peace, joy, and love). A song, a passage of scripture, a thought or two from my heart or of others, something for us to remember. Perhaps instead of getting lost in busyness we can get lost in the magnitude of spiritual significance that season offers to Christ followers.