Be Your OWN Whole Self

Here’s the thing. Becoming whole means that we live into the people God created us to be. That we care for all the different facets of the life he’s given us to live, without hiding, pretending, or ignoring any aspects of our person. But we’ve all been created differently. So as much as I could stand here all day and tell you how to be whole, I speak only from my perspective – my way of seeing the world, my experiences, my values, my personality, my body type, the things that make my soul come alive. No one needs duplicates of me. You must become the whole version of YOU. I want you to be you, the world needs you to be your whole self.

So can we come together here and share what embracing wholeness looks like in our particular lives, in this particular season, for our intricate and individual selves?

Sign up HERE to be considered for a short, informal interview over on Instagram Live. I am so excited to know you better and I want to know how you’re becoming whole. I can’t wait for everyone to gain insights and ideas and inspiration from your own, beautiful, whole self. (You don’t need to be a blogger, have a platform, or have an impressive resume to sign up. All you need is a desire to be whole.)

Click HERE to connect with other women on this wholeness journey. Hear what wholeness has meant to them and how they embrace their full selves in practical, day-to-day ways. We don’t have to do this by ourselves, let’s travel together.