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Saving Me This Winter (8 little things getting me through the dark months)

February has a tendency to be rough. I’ve been looking at old blog posts and journal entries from last year at this time and am realizing weariness and overwhelm were the norm. As we stand at the start of this month I am determined to do all within my abilities to not let myself get there again.

So I’ve got my rainbow pens and an empty journal page and I’m scratching down anything and everything that I can find that will save me from falling into the bleak apathy of the deep winter months.


1. Bath and Body Works sugar scrub

Colorado air is dry. My skin basically paper. So every few showers I treat myself to a little luxurious sugar scrub that makes me forget my crumbly, parched skin for a few hours.

2. A Real Winter Coat

An actual down parka that goes down to my knees and whose hood covers my entire face. I feel less grumpy when I have to go out into the frigid evenings when I can wear this, and I can even go on walks outside when it is literally freezing.

3. Whole30

We started this new food adventure the day school started. At first it was overwhelming and consuming but as I’ve figured it out I am finding so much relief in my constant analyzation of food and what and when I should allow myself to eat. The restriction and limits it provides has given me a clear boundary line and it has been a refreshing reset in these post Christmas cookie/ice cream every night days of January.

4. A Less packed schedule

My days have felt more open so far this winter than they did in the fall, providing me with time to do all (mostly) the little things I put off and stay on top of my personal goals. Frenzy and chaos has yet to invade these days and I am thankful.

5. All Things Hygge

I am in love with this Scandinavian concept of the cozy warmth of the winter months. I’m all about the candles, the tea sipping, the soft blankets, the snuggling up with books. A core part of this concept is that the harsher the elements are outdoors, the more inviting the warmth is inside, which gives room to be thankful for howling wind and gray skies.

6. Spring Break Plans

I may or may not have another Disney trip up my sleeve for our spring break and the anticipation of it (complete with listening to Disneyland music on youtube at all times) it is fueling my days.

7. Snapchat

I mentioned this in my newsletter that went out earlier this week (sign up here for my monthly updates and recommended lists) but I continue to be surprised that snapchat is saving my life. A close friend and I share life with each other via short videos with dumb filters, and it is saving me from isolation and the cycle of lethargy I often fall into – especially during the winter. We send each other snaps from our workouts, our meals, our finished water bottles, our to-do lists, and prayer requests and it is constantly lifting my spirit and keeping me steadily on track.

8. Colorado Sunshine

I feel a little silly saying I need saving from winter, because this has been the mildest winter I can remember in years. We’ve only had a few snows, and most days are bright and warm enough to be outside comfortably. I have gone on daily walks or runs since Christmas and am able to give the kids I care for plenty of outside time. I am a little hungry for a few good snow days but for now I am not complaining because my vitamin D intake remains high.


What about you? I’d love to hear all the things saving you this winter! Comment below or join me over at Modern Mrs. Darcy with her people as we all share the little things bringing light to us in these darker months.

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  • Reply
    Marie Chavez
    February 1, 2018 at 6:33 pm

    Saving me this winter: your blog posts! 🙂

    • Reply
      Greer Oharah
      February 6, 2018 at 12:14 pm

      You are so kind and sweet. I appreciate you greatly, Marie!

  • Reply
    Stacie @SincerelyStacie
    February 2, 2018 at 4:36 pm

    Since I have to do recess duty once in awhile, I got me a “recess coat” a long down parka and I LOVE it. I even wear it when I am not at recess! Recess in Iowa is COLD!

    • Reply
      Greer Oharah
      February 6, 2018 at 12:15 pm

      Big coats are the best! I would absolutely want mine if I was on recess duty too, and our winters are nowhere as brutal as yours!

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