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What Remains to Be Said About Tuesday’s Election

I have some words. Some words about all that transpired in our nation and in our community and in our families and in our churches and in our schools and in our world this week. I have some words of complaint, of protest, of blame. I have words of exhortation, praise, and hope. Some bitter words, some sarcastic words, some positive words, some encouraging words. But I have no words left that have not already been said.

Everyone seems to be voicing their opinion right now. Some angry and violent, others raw and vulnerable. Some honest, some verbose. Some credible and others pulled out of their back pocket. There is fear and triumph, hatred and excitement, arrogance and grief all being voiced in every corner of this country. Even beyond our nation’s borders there is talk and discussion and arguments and speculation. Everyone is talking.

I had intended to voice my opinions. To say how I felt. To defend what I thought right. But when I sat down and opened my laptop my fingers felt heavy. The words came awkwardly, fragmented and trite. I typed a lot of them though. Too many, in fact. No one needs another blog post about someone’s opinion. There are already a million more than we wanted to see in the first place.

I’m weary. My ears are ringing from all the discourse. I don’t want to talk anymore. I don’t want to argue about parties anymore. I don’t want to defend my position or make my point, and I don’t want to hear yours either.

I got the day off yesterday, unexpectedly. I had a list of things I could do with this glorious free day. I did none of them. Instead I curled up on the couch, reading, napping, sipping coffee as the morning turned to afternoon and afternoon into evening. I sat in silence. No Facebook news, no articles on post-election thoughts, no responding to discussion threads, no writing my opinion and posting it on the internet for all to see. Only silence.

I realize there are important things happening. I realize that everyone’s opinion is valid and worth listening to. I understand that the election results that unfolded this week will shape lives for years to come. But I can’t shake the feeling that we’re blowing this thing too far out of proportion. That there is something, someone, at work in all of this magnificently bigger than anything we’re able to comprehend. And maybe, just maybe, the best thing we could all do right now is to cease the clamor and simply be quiet.

Maybe we could all have a day of silence. A day to withhold critical comments or retweet snarky statements. A day to refrain from blurting your opinion out to anyone you meet, a day from snide judgments of others views behind their back. A day to remember the God who is over this whole ordeal, whose sovereign hand will guide us forward. A day to be silent before him.

The Lord is in his holy temple;
    let all the earth be silent before him.

-Habakkuk 2:20

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    November 11, 2016 at 4:13 pm

    This echoes exactly how my heart feels. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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    November 11, 2016 at 4:39 pm

    This is exactly how I felt too! – I wrote a very similar post http://rachellarkin.com/2016/11/10/be-still-america-and-know-that-god-is-god/

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    November 12, 2016 at 3:44 am

    Excellent. Your post reminds me that in prayer we can beseech God with requests but (in my case) may not give God time to speak and for ourselves to listen. In the silence you speak of we can pause and hear God. Reminds me of 1 Kings 19 v 11-13: for the Lord appears not in the tornado, the earthquake, nor the fire but in silence. Sometimes we need to rest in silence to hear God, to see God, to be with God.

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