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Today You Are Here: Little

There’s a sign that hangs above the place I fold my laundry. “Celebrate the little things,” it reads. Little things like a tucking the corners freshly cleaned towels into neat squares. Little things like the small human scooting away from me on his hands and knees, discovering this big world for his first time. Little things like an unexpected mini-family reunion in a parking lot. Little things like sitting up in bed late at night, talking through the night with your sister.


We have a horrible tendency to miss the little things until big things come and take them away. Tragedy. Death. Cross-country moves. Illness. Suddenly our world is wrecked, forever altered, and all we want is to return to life when the little things were big things and the big things weren’t apart of our story. I’ve seen it in the faces of friends facing a life without their wife, their little brother, their favorite uncle. I’ve seen the desire to turn and run straight back to the little things, the times that they were sitting across the table from each other talking about nothing important, the last time they were together sharing a loud laugh over something irrelevant.

And then there’s the little things that we need to keep little. Small grievances, petty problems, insignificant annoyances. We make them big. They ruin our days. They dampen our joy. They snuff out our celebrations.

I’ve lived a relatively easy life. I haven’t had to face the big things that so many others have. My days are filled mostly with little things. Little good things, like belly laughter at a silly dance move. Little bad things, like not getting to bed an ideal time. Here and there are a few big things sprinkled into these small days of crusty breakfast dishes and delicious cups of coffee poured into my disney mug. Weddings of dear friends, tragic accidents in the community, healthy new babies born into my extended family, neighbors suffering from loss. But the majority of my day-to-day life is filled with little things.

It’s Monday tomorrow. The last day of October. Another normal day of good little things to celebrate and bad little things to overlook. And someday, years from now or next week, we’ll stand on the brink of a really big thing and realize that all these little things piled up were what made our lives big.


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