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Today You Are Here: Saturday Shares


Links online worth a read:

Grace is Not So Poor a Thing by Addie Zierman “Today, grace is an ugly sunlamp glowing from my table. An apple cider candle burning in the kitchen. A field trip with my son’s kindergarten class.”

Sacred Silliness by Hannah Zachman “So as I continue to press into this glorious Gospel, I am learning to savor the solemn and the silly moments. Because this news is too joyous not to explode in giggles every so often.”

Here’s to Being a Work in Progress by Aliza Latta “There has to be some part, even if it is barely noticeable, that cares about human connection. This is who we are as humans.”

todayyouareherepromoI’m more than half way through the  Write 31 Days Challenge. I enjoy the feedback I get on these posts, I love hearing how my own practice of presence resonates with others. But more than anything I have loved making space every morning to write and then continue in mindfulness as I  journey through each day. It has been refreshing, like drinking from a cool mountain spring. So I hope you join me for the last full week of this series – you can catch up on old posts here!



I was over on The Glorious Table last week, sharing an embarrassing truth about myself and learning to make space for Holy Interruptions.



I’m coming to last chapters of this book – scratching Ann’s words down in my journal, typing them out on my phone, pulling them into my heart. Every page is worth reading. You can pre-order the book today or buy it in stores this Tuesday, October 25th.


I know that there is regular talk about social media depleting your joy as you stare at a screen and get sucked into the comparison game. But let me tell you – my Instagram feed is my happy place. I love scrolling through all the beautiful pictures.

Favorites this week:

Yours (@ashleydanyew):


Mine (@greeroharah):img_0175

Happy weekend, friends!

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