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Today You Are Here: Savor

Our students are doing this play about a Jewish family in hiding. I sit at rehearsal and watch them mime a scene in which they get a miraculous chance to eat strawberries for the first time in years. They are jubilating over this small luxury, imaginary strawberry juice dripping down their chins, bellies being filled with a pretend fresh fruit they had forgotten the taste of. These kids must be good actors because I notice my mouth watering. I suddenly am craving strawberries.


There’s been a heaviness hanging low to the earth lately. Maybe it is the impending election. Maybe it is the grief I’m watching friends suffer through. Maybe it is the days getting darker and the air getting colder. Whatever it is, life hasn’t seemed particularly light and fluffy.

But watching those high school actors portray the utter delight of a strawberry in a time of deep darkness woke up something inside of me. I want to relish a strawberry. I want to know its sweetness on my tongue and be swept into ecstasy over its flavor. I want to laugh as the juice dribbles from my lips. I want to smile at the sheer goodness packed into one single berry.

I don’t want it to stop at strawberries though. I want to be aware of the hot coffee running down my throat in the cold dark mornings, its delicious smell wafting through the house as we wake up. I want to marvel at the rising the sun – the light slowly breaking forth over the eastern hills, making this world bright once again. I want to inhale all the smells of a frosted fall morning in the mountains, to feel those leaves under my feet and smile at the child in me that wants to crunch through every last one. I want to see the colors of this world – the brilliant blue sky and the last of the golden leaves pressed against it, and that jar of crayons with still-sharp ends begging to be used. I want to hear the strains of teen age voices making music, I want to notice how my fingers are creating beautiful sounds across black and white keys. I want to feel the heaviness of an almost-toddler asleep in my arms, I want to capture those snuggles from five-year-olds and the way the seven-year-old still nestles up against me when we read together. I want to taste the kiss of my husband as we say goodbye each morning and hello each night.

I don’t want to pass by the piles of beauty this world has to offer. I want to relish each gift. I want to savor the taste of every strawberry.

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    October 22, 2016 at 9:22 pm

    I love this. It’s something I need to do more often…with the simplest of things!

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