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Today You Are Here: Mornings

There are evenings when things seem big and hard and heavy. Stress pushes down on our already tired shoulders, our emotions are overwhelmed with all the many things, the upcoming days look daunting. Tears, frustration, worry, they cloud our perspective and the week ahead seems more than we can handle.


And then the morning comes. The alarm sounds, and though my eyes struggle to open and though my body is still sleepy, the fresh start of a Monday morning quickens my spirit and enlivens my soul. I pull on jeans and wrap a sweater around my shivering arms. A brush is dragged through my tangled hair, toothpaste scrubs out the stale taste in my mouth. The house is in dark silence as I pour the first cup of coffee and open my heart the word of God. The darkness is pushed aside by the rising sun, slowly and then all at once, until light is all there is.

Your mercies are new every morning.

I scrounge through the cupboards, filling the cooler with odds and ends for lunch. I sing as the peanut butter is spread across the bread. Give me Jesus. In the morning when I rise and throughout the whole day. Give me Jesus.

I crack a few eggs over a hot frying pan. They sizzle and dance. I pour his cup of coffee, and reheat mine. We join for a quiet breakfast, both of our brains and eyes still waking up to the day. The wind is beating against our little house at full force and we are warm and safe inside. Our bellies being filled, our bodies being fueled, our hearts being strengthened for the day at hand. Mercy is everywhere you look.

The concerns of the evening have been covered by the darkness of night, and the light of a new day creeps into the shadowy corners that once whispered fear. New beginnings, fresh starts, mornings full of mercy have wiped clean our troubled hearts and beckoned us into the grace of another day. The burdens don’t seem as heavy. The worries not as piercing. The week that seemed huge and overwhelming now invites us forward with promising possibilities and joy filled hopes.

God is among you. The open pages of my bible proclaim this rejuvenating truth. God is among you as you go about your Monday, your Tuesday, and all the days to follow. And where he is so also is light, grace, hope, strength, energy, and always – every single morning – new mercies.

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