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Saturday Shares

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Online links worth a read: 

On Love and Poetry  By Elli Johnson “Learning to love someone is like poetry… There is no quick solution, no easy translation. I am not a puzzle to be solved, or a question to be answered. Neither are you.”

Christian Women and the Gift of Creativity by Shawna Scafe “When I take the time to create something I feel more content in my surroundings.”

Seeking the Impact of God’s Narrative by Kristi Ahrens “And so we long for that day when the great Greatest Soldier defeats the most terrible enemy once and for all.  The day when the greatest Romance reaches full  perfection with no more wandering, no more impure motives, no more wounded hearts.”

New on the internet this week: 

Abbie Meyer I believe that vulnerability is the highest form of encouragement. So that’s what I’m here to do- encourage you by telling my story, bit by bit and day by day.” (You’ll love this girl’s heart for Jesus and passion for life.)

Interludes of Grace “My goal is to create a page dedicated to something we all crave at some point in our hectic schedules…a breathing space. A moment to slow down and see the unseen blessings tucked away in the everyday mundane. ” (Don’t we all need a little more awareness in our daily life?)

From my heart this week:

When You Feel Like There’s Not Enough “God is enough. And so regardless of what isn’t enough we are given the opportunity to live out of abundance. The myth of scarcity is tossed into the wind and we throw back our heads and let our faces be warmed by the light of the sun.”

4 Ways to Embrace Your Daily Life “These months of household chores and normal school days and laundry folding and morning commutes are what our lives are made out of. And we can grumble and live for the weekend and stress and just get it done, or we could learn to love what must be done.”

From the archives:

Heart Treasures When my greatest treasure becomes that which the heart of God treasures, I will find my heart wrapped in His.”

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Happy Weekend, friends!

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