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26 Things I Like About Myself

Despite all the talk about freedom and self-acceptance and confidence going on these days, there is a stigma attached to talking highly of yourself. We set goals to better ourselves, we read self-help books, and we devote a portion of each day to self-care. And yet it feels incredibly awkward to publicly state anything positive regarding ourselves. We feel conceited, self-absorbed, arrogant. No wonder there’s a disconnect between our big words about who we want to become and the reality of how we actually see ourselves. So, uncomfortable as it is to post this on the world wide web, and in celebration of my 26th birthday this week, here are some things I like about me:


1. My long hair (I don’t care if it looks good. There’s many days it doesn’t. I just like it long.)

2. My coffee drinking habit (You might think I fell into this addiction, but in reality it was a carefully planned ambition that I have faithfully pursued since age eight. Blame it on my parents if you want – but I’d like to thank them for introducing me to the frappucinno. The rest is history.)

3. My accompanying abilities (It started as a nightmare that caused weeks of anguish. It now is one of the most fulfilling parts of my life. How cool is it to add to someone’s musical performances in a way that makes us both better than we are alone.)

4. Being someone who reads five or six books at the same time (I know there’s a lot to say about focusing your attentions, but there’s nothing I love more than cozying up on the couch with  a stack of books and rotating through them, chapter by chapter. My book bags might issue a complaint, however.)

5. My tendency to wear the same thing for days in a row (I hope this doesn’t cause you to waver in your love for me, but it is pretty awesome to have a go-to outfit to throw on each morning. Plus packing is so easy. Minus the book habit. That pretty much nullifies any ability I have for packing light.)

6. Being a self motivator. (I will do anything IF I set my mind to it. The catch here is that I don’t set my mind to things without great deliberation. But once I’ve made a goal I will practice, train, show up, or do whatever it takes to make it happen.)

7. My unique talent of sleeping at any time and any place (Yeah, it has its downside. I’m always tired and I fall asleep at inappropriate times. But it is really nice to decide you are going to take a nap on the picnic bench at 11:00 in the morning and promptly fall asleep within two minutes.)

8. Being a runner (Especially after years of telling everyone I hated run and would never be able to run a mile. It’s pretty cool to have a half-marathon under my belt, training for another one, and being a girl who slips running shoes in every overnight bag.)

9. My rapport with small children (Who says I’m bad at socializing? You just have to be seven or younger.)

10. Being good at resting (And not just those spur of the moment naps, but being perfectly fine with non-productive evenings and Saturdays and any other time I can find to simply BE.)

11. My eye for photography (And a personal instagram feed that makes me super happy. I don’t have the tools or techniques, but I know what looks good and I can sometimes make it happen.)

12. The fine balance I’ve achieved between being your typical Colorado-outdoorsy girl and appreciating pretty things like princesses and pretty clothes.

13. My legs (I mean, is it vain to say that they are clean up and tan up nicely? Besides they’ve taken me up mountains and across many miles. They’re good legs.)

14. My lack of attention to detail but still being able to keep up with things like library due dates (mostly) and rent checks and insurance bills. (I’d like to think of myself as someone who only notices the important things. But I’m probably just lucky.)

15. Being my own best friend (It’s the nicest way to say that I love being a hermit. I’m great at planning the perfect day with myself – complete with long runs, personal coffee dates, finding the best chick flicks, and easily consuming an entire pint of ice cream. I have the greatest days with myself.)

16. My affection for all things Disney (I love being a woman in her twenties whose morning jam is Disney music, who is stirred by the magic of the castle at the beginning of Disney movies and whose ideal vacation is Disneyland. It makes my life happier to be a Disney fan.)

17. Being wife to Tanner (Seriously, I am who I am today due in large part to this man. He’s helped me become a sillier and stronger version of myself and I am a better woman because of him.)

18. My willingness to do hard things. (As long as I’m totally and thoroughly convinced they are the right things.)

19. My fingers that fly across black and white piano keys (and play much louder than I would ever speak.)

20. The cheesy, goofy, silly part of me (Even if it doesn’t always come across to everyone, you special few who get it in all its glory get a special treat when I let it out.)

21. The domestic side of my personality that takes great pleasure in house cleaning and meal making. (I love being someone who keeps up with the dishes and who folds laundry and who (sometimes) has dinner on the table at the end of the day.)

22. Being a creature of routine (The daily rhythms that I cultivate to fit each season are what enables me to be this person.)

23. My story so far (Flawed though it is, it has shaped me into the 26-year-old woman I am today and I wouldn’t change anything about it.)

24. My many imperfections and great weaknesses (Because it is much more inspiring to walk through this life with room to grow than feeling like you’ve arrived.)

25. The wild freedom and captivating belovedness that I am learning to embrace as my identity by the grace of God.

26. My ability to express in writing what I’d never say in a conversation (I’ll probably never sit across from you on a coffee date and rattle off 26 reasons why I like myself.)

Fearfully and wonderfully made. That is how scripture describes the way God crafted us. Why, then, do we stutter and skirt around celebrating ourselves? Let’s live in radical acceptance of the people we are and the good that our creator calls us.

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    August 28, 2016 at 9:58 am

    Lovely post! I like the idea of counting out the things one likes about himself. And I like your eye for photography too! 🙂

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