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Hope For a Happy Ending

I love good stories. Real life stories, imaginary stories, memoirs, children’s fiction, movies, TV shows, a conversation with a friend. Any narrative that relates a person’s journey through obstacles and triumphs, sorrows and joys, until they reach the end, the fulfillment of their destiny. Maybe it doesn’t turn out as suspected, maybe it is exactly as planned, but the common thread that ties all these stories together is the redemption that each character encounters. The hardships seem worth it, the rift is mended, the disappointment is no longer prominent, the ugly is made beautiful. These stories are satisfying to our souls, they lift our spirits upward and remind us of a masterful author, crafting all our stories toward their own delightful end.


I’m in the middle of some stories right now. They began tolerably enough – not quite as I expected but there was no foreboding sense of upcoming hardships, no signage marking ‘rough road ahead.’ I anticipated a suitable story on the horizon.


What heroine is ever expecting the difficulties that lie ahead?


I’m over at Seasoned with Salt this week. Join me there as we journey through our stories together…

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