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What I Learned in June

June has gone quickly and I am not quite ready to part ways with it. This month is the dawn of summer. The early morning to this season, in which everything feels fresh and the light is soft and there are many hours ahead yet to be lived. And then we cross the border of calendar and July enters and we move to the midday part of summer. And though it is  bright and warm, with each passing hour we are moving closer to the end and further from the beginning.

So let’s spend the final day of June celebrating in what gifts it brought and lessons it taught.


Six Things I Learned in June:


1. I am more fit at age 25 than I was at 21. 

We made a quick detour up the Hanging Lake trail several weeks ago. I remembered it being steep and challenging, but was pleasantly surprised to make it up without much effort. Running regularly and hiking often has done good things for my body and I am well on my way to being one of those old ladies who climbs mountains and runs marathons in her nineties. (Because 25 isn’t that far from 95, right?) (Maybe living 3,000 feet higher helps, too.)

2. Non-detail oriented personalities can lend themselves to laziness

My attention to detail is often low – something I didn’t realize until the past few years. I was a self-proclaimed detail oriented person for many years. But upon realizing that I don’t actually care or tend to notice details, I’ve found the freedom to let little things slide for the sake of the big picture. Most of the time it is awesome. Sometimes I use it as an excuse to be lazy. (i.e. I don’t need to play all the right notes in the song I’m playing for a wedding as long as it is mostly pretty.) (Don’t worry – I had a heart-to-heart with myself before the bride walked down to the aisle, buckled down to practice, and I played Canon in D as perfectly as was possible.)

3. Toward not Towards

Apparently toward is the correct version of this word, at least in American English. But now that they are both typed out in front of me they both look wrong.

4. Teaching piano is fun when your students practice

So thanks, sweet and eager student of mine who practices piano for fun and asks to add more to the weekly assignments, for reminding me why I chose this as a profession.

5. Tarzan is scary

So if you convince a five and seven-year-old they will like it in hopes of avoiding yet another Octonauts or Justin Time marathon, be prepared for wails of devastation as they are terrorized by a fire, shipwreck, dead parents, and a ferocious baby-eating tiger three minutes into the movie.

6. Inspiration is a little like a wily and unruly beast with a mind of it’s own

So if you smiled and nodded while Elizabeth Gilbert wrote about it like it was its own entity in Big Magic, and if you labeled her (and others who share this perception) as a mystic – be ware. You might find yourself having a moment at the coffee shop when your fingers can’t fly across the keyboard fast enough and you’re scrawling every idea in the world across a notebook page. Inspiration does hit and you will feel like you’re only a vessel to moving it into the world and you must respond. (I tend to call this inspiration fellow by a different name: The Holy Spirit.)



Favorite June Posts:



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Yes, June has been good to me. What has this month taught you? Where did it lead you? Comment below and let’s celebrate these thirty days before July takes us away!


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