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Living With Longing

You know that feeling that you got as a child when Christmas was over? When you got under the covers Christmas night and lay still in the dark silence that came with the end of another celebration? It was a hard feeling to pinpoint, especially at age ten. But the taste of it still lingers in my mouth. The taste of unsettled hunger and a gnawing tension in my stomach. That couldn’t be all there was, all that I had been anticipating for months… could it? I wanted more. Not more presents. Not more sugar cookies. Not more decorations. I didn’t know what I wanted. I just knew that I wanted.

That twinge of unmet desire continues with us as we grow from children to adults. No matter what we get in this lifetime – the love, the money, the experiences, the achievements – there seems to be just a little more that we didn’t get. Just a little something that we wish we had. Just a little further until we reach what we’re truly after.

To the restless person who is surrounded with every possession a heart could desire we offer relationships as the solution.

To the empty person with a date every weekend and a hundred invitations hanging on the fridge, we say maybe its more genuine relationships they need. Love, maybe.

To the person head over heels in love with the soul mate of their dreams yet still hungry we give them a Bible and point them to God.

But to the aching person walking closely with Jesus, to the person seeking Christ in all they do, the person fully surrendered to the Lord? How does this make any sense? Where’s fulfillment, wholeness, the abundant life? Isn’t that the whole point of this Christianity thing?

I’ll be honest and tell you that the end of Christmas ache was just as real last year as it was when I was ten. And I am an adult Christian who looks forward to the celebration of Christ’s arrival more than all the presents and pretty lights in the world. I get disappointed when birthdays are over, when vacations end, when seasons come to a close. On any given day I am likely to find the unsettled hunger clawing at the pit of my belly…


{I’m over on Seasoned With Salt this week as I wrestle a little more with the longing that seems insatiable. I hope you’ll join me there, chances are you might also be one of those who feels a little empty today.}

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