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What I Learned in April

The end of a month is an arbitrary mile marker in the midst of our journeys. It rarely is the end of any season, we have not reached the completion of a era or term. It is simply a turn in the calendar. We still have several weeks of the school year remaining, I am in the middle of a couple ongoing projects, and as much as I would like May to enter with warm temperatures and blooming lilacs we have a foot of snow outside our door and more to come. And yet the habit of noticing what each calendar month held has become a way of intentionally pushing pause and noticing where the last thirty days of journeying has taught me.

(You might enjoy joining myself and others on Emily Freeman’s blog as we compile our monthly learnings. The practice is refreshing to the soul.)

1. Sometimes the most grueling and messy processes result in the most rewarding ends.

The spring musical directed by my husband at the high school becomes our life for the months leading up to it. It was chaotic, exhausting, and there were moments we wondered if we would get to opening night alive. But when the packed audience burst into applause as the pumpkin transformed into a carriage and four-white-mice were turned to horses it all became worth it. (It’s true what they say – Impossible things are happening every day.)

2. Podcasts are great for running, car drives, and dinner preparation. 

My husband and I both have a whole new world at our finger tips as we discover new podcasts on any and every subject we’re interested in. They make the tasks that usually feel like drudgery much more appealing.

3. I can’t think of a book that I hate.

Speaking of podcasts, Modern Mrs. Darcy’s “What Should I Read Next” has prompted me to think of three books I love and one that I hate. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to be a guest on her show though because I cannot pin down a book (except the occasional text book) that I hate. Probably because I stopped reading it if I wasn’t enjoying it.

4. The (in)courage community is awesome.

After following this groups of writers for a while, I at last got my own words added to the site. I was deeply thankful for all the ladies that engaged with my writing and shared honest responses to my post. I am excited to be apart of this internet based group, and others I am discovering, that welcome me into encouraging community groups across the country.

5. There is a reason people watch a lot of TV. 

While dog sitting for our neighbors we scrolled through netflix to try out some shows that we’ve heard about but never seen. Once Upon a Time has got us hooked and we ordered season one and two from the library. Our evenings now include some time spent in Storybrooke hoping all will work out for these fairy tale characters trapped in our world. (I also have started to look at people at the grocery store and wonder which fairy tale character they might be.) So I’m sorry for judging you people who get into TV shows. I guess they are pretty compelling after all.

6. I work better alone.

I am awful at delegating and I enjoy solitude. I am also like to carry out my own visions. If someone tries to join in on the work it is no longer time to work. It is time to sit down with a cup of coffee and talk.

7. Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. 

And if you can’t be there you live vicariously through your neighbors recent visit, photos from your past trips, planning future visits, and listening to the music from all the rides as you make breakfast each morning. If you can’t go to the happiest place on earth bring it to your kitchen. 

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    April Box
    April 30, 2016 at 8:23 pm

    I loved your end of the month post! Its way cheaper to live vicariously through others who go to Disneyland 😉 Congrats on your (in)courage guest post!! The women who write on that site have beautiful, insightful words. I really enjoy listening to podcasts in the car also. I’m a technology dinosaur and recently discovered them. Emily Freeman has one called HopeWriters that is interesting. I am also on her linkup page for this month, number 34 in the lineup. Looking forward to reading more from you!

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