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When Nothing is New

“It’s so great to see you!” Her exuberant spirit bubbles over as we catch up over a cup of coffee. “What’s new?” She asks enthusiastically.

What’s new? I go through potential responses in my head.

No career switches, church moves, or recent travels. Same house, same spouse. My life is pretty much the same as last time you asked this question. Just plugging along through the regular routine.

I eat cheesecake with another friend in celebration of her birthday. “It’s funny,” she comments. “Nothing really is changing in my life, yet time keeps moving on.”IMG_6975IMG_4441IMG_3387IMG_3024IMG_5438

And so it does. The days move from one to another as winter melts into spring and spring into summer, and just like that we’ve completed another rotation around the sun. Time moves forward, yet for many of us it feels like we are staying in the same place. We feel painfully boring when we look into the face of the friend with a new boyfriend, a new job, an upcoming move, a career switch, and tell her that our life is the same as always. Are you still interested in me, in my everyday life, enough to walk with me through seasons of sameness? Can we still be friends if nothing is new?


I’m honored to be writing over on (in)courage today – join me there?  (Go ahead, click this link. I think you’ll find these words worth your time.)

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