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Saturday Shares

Happy Saturday, friends!

Mid-February is an odd place to be. Somedays it is winter, others tantalizingly springlike. We’ve past through Valentines Day, we’re in the midst of Lent, and what I’m most hungry for this weekend is some inspiration to live these quiet-ish, cold-ish, normal-isa days well. I’ve found several posts this week that have given me just this. Treating your barista like a friend? Buying flowers for yourself? Finding space in your days to be refilled? These are words that could reshape your weekend and the week ahead. SHALOMCOFFEE-916x611

Customer Service Shalom by Osheta Moore on The Art of Simple

“For 40 days, I paid attention to the people in the service industry, letting Mother Teresa’s words, “We belong to each other”, mean more to me than a pretty phrase to hang on my kitchen wall. For the 40 days of Lent, I treated every person in customer service as if they belonged to me, and soon, they did.”


Learning How to Be Kind to Myself by Emily Lex on Jones Design Company

“Be kind. To others. And to yourself.”


In Praise of Inwardness by Ruth Simons on GraceLaced

“This thing that makes the written word accessible to all immediately and in real-time in today’s information-driven newsfeed, is also what keeps us – writers and creatives – on the edge of frayed and frazzled instead of fed and overflowing. And I’m deeply convinced that what I want is fed and overflowing.


Until Further Notice from the archives

Too often we hear the command “stay here until I tell you”, as “stay here and do nothing but wait.” With blinders on we see only what we’re waiting for, and we overanalyze every situation, every conversation, every occurrence, wondering if that was the word of the Lord telling us to move forward. And in all this we are missing the only command we actually were given.

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