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2015 Favorites {Ordinary Epiphanies Edition}

There are many ways to recap a year. My mom goes through the family calendar, highlighting all the major (or sometimes minor) events that occurred in her life. Photos from the year can be shared on a slideshow. Facebook is kind enough to make a year in review for you. And here I’d like to share the top ten posts from my blog – as determined partly by the readers feedback and partly by what I thought my best work was. If you’re new here this should be a sampling of all the flavors, and if you’re a returning reader this might be a chance to re-read something you enjoyed. In all honesty though, this is mostly for me and my desire to reminisce what transpired in my heart and on blog in 2015.

1.On The Edge of Your Threshold IMG_2284It is the pattern of the Christian life – continual growth, continual maturation, the continual increasing of our threshold that we may do greater works for the Kingdom.


2. I Want to Live HereIMG_0995Contentment is really what I’m after. The kind of a life that doesn’t need a different house to live in or prettier landscapes to look at out the window. The kind of a life that savors slowly each season in its time, knowing that it won’t last forever, knowing that it is an abundant blessing, knowing that it is what’s best for me at this time in my life. 


3. When the Christmas Tree Becomes a CrossIMG_3309As winter began to fade into spring and the season of Lent grew heavy in anticipation, I revisited that dead tree. With hacksaw in hand I knelt beside it, slowly removing each branch from the trunk of the tree. The symbol that stood for the hope of Christmas a few months ago was becoming a new symbol. With twine I wrapped two parts of the trunk together. The tree had become a cross. 


4. (We Write to Know) We Are Not AloneIMG_3470Your journey is not an isolated one. Your path not foreign to others. Your stories are shared. Your feelings validated. You are understood. You are not alone.


5. Seven Hundred and Thirty Day of Daily Life {Reflections on Two Years of Marriage}View More: http://brittanymichellephoto.pass.us/tanner--greerOur ordinary days have made up the bulk of our marriage. The wedding party that was happening two years ago today was a huge event and a magnificent celebration. But the quiet, daily life that has followed is where the hearts have been formed and the lives have truly merged.  


6. Nine Reasons I’m Choosing Minimalism IMG_4284I have pulled out our plastic tubs, ready to be filled with things to get rid of, ordered my copy of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and have come up with nine reasons to try this thing called minimalism.


7. Holy Loitering IMG_5316

These fall days are not meant to be a wild obstacle race from one job to another, from one appointment to the next, from soccer practice to ballet class to getting dinner on the table. These days are to be a journey on holy ground.


8. In Praise of the SelfieIMG_5392What if photography begets gratitude?


9. Jesus Likes Me, This I KnowIMG_4838We too often think of God in regards of the rules, the standards, the missions, and the duties He calls us to. But it seems that whenever I get quiet before Him and open my soul to His presence, He speaks this first: I like you.


10. Celebrate Life IMG_6178This messy life is exactly the one we are to celebrate. The perfect Pinterest worthy decorations are unnecessary. The proper attire is irrelevant. All that is needed is a spirit willing to be a little silly, to laugh a lot, to live big, and to celebrate like crazy.


Bonus: 2015: A Year in PhotosIMG_45402015 through the lens of my camera. 365 (well, almost) pictures of what this year looked like in my life.



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