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A Year in Photos: Week 51

December 14: There’s nothing quite like the calm and quiet of a bright snowy night. IMG_6471

December 15: Tonight 90 students gathered together to make music under the direction of my talented husband-conductor. I am blessed to be apart of this. IMG_6504

December 16: These dark quiet mornings are made bright with lit candles and the promise of our coming King.IMG_6503

December 17: No exercise in waiting is as hard as a four-year-old at Christmas waiting to open presents. IMG_6551

December 18: We leave in the morning and the last thing on the to-do list is to finish frosting sugar cookies. So here I am, quarter-to-eleven, decorating cookies in silence. This is sacred. IMG_6561

December 19: This is my family – chaotic and imperfect – but so filled belly laughs and joviality that a good time is always ensured. IMG_6567

December 20: Kansas bound. Let’s take the road before us and sing a chorus or two. IMG_6570

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