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A Year in Photos: Week 47

November 16: My view from the couch this cozy Monday evening. Thankful for this home that meets our real life needs – minimal or otherwise. IMG_6087

November 17:Today is simply Tuesday – dishes and all. IMG_6071

November 18: These evening reading parties have become the best part of my day. IMG_6074

November 19:I wake up each morning and watch the dark melted away by the morning light and I stand mesmerized by the grace of it all. IMG_6078

November 20:My baby sister took the stage and stole the whole show as the best Cat in the Hat you could imagine.


November 21: And we’re off to the East Coast, by way of Las Vegas? Layovers are weird, but we’ll make the most of it. IMG_6109


November 22:An hour wait and an extra charge for the rental car were not in our plans. Regardless, vacation is commenced. IMG_6110

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