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A Year in Photos: Week 42

October 12: Sometimes the most daunting tasks really aren’t that hard. Operation organize the garage (the final step to moving in) is complete. IMG_5656

October 13: Learning to be this season. IMG_5665

October 14: Some mornings I write when the day is just beginning and I watch my soul take flight. IMG_5686

October 15: Naturally Bitty Baby comes along to all the piano lessons. (This is what teaching four-year-olds looks like.)IMG_5695

October 16: I hung up a man’s dress shirt, tie, and belt up to my dress and remembered that having a man beside me to do life with is completely wonderful.IMG_5706

October 17: The sweetest cousin married her perfect man this day. So excited for their life together! (And weddings are awesome.)IMG_5716

October 18: So in all honesty, when we get in the car and head out on a road trip I’m probably thinking about where we can stop for Starbucks. IMG_5730

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