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September: What I Learned, Read, Heard, and Loved

So my calendar said October this morning. Yours probably did to. Yesterday evening I stepped outside at dusk. The fallen leaves crunched under my toes. Everything smelled crisp. I decided I was finally ready for September to be here. I guess I was a few weeks late, but in hopes to remember the long days that made up the short month of September let me recount for you a few things this month held for me. (And perhaps you’ll want to join Emily Freeman, myself, and many others in celebrating the month past.)

What I learned:

  1. NEVER choose the self-installation option when it comes to setting up internet. Also, if they say “I have the modem you need in my car for $100. It is also at Walmart for a little less,” just take the one that’s in their car.

2. Run in the evening. It’s consistently the best time of day for some alone time, some exertion, some beautiful views of sunsets. Or run in the morning when the dawn’s glimmerings have turned everything pink. Or run at noon for an afternoon break. Whatever you do – run. It adds life to the soul.

3. Selfies are a means to gratitude. The more I take pictures of things and people and memories the more I am thankful for the things, the people, and the memories I’ve been given. (So if my instagram is exploding don’t judge me for “over-posting”. I’m just being thankful.)

4.  You can hand wash clothes in the sink. I think I knew this, I even did it once on a missions trip. But I’ve actually used this method as I learn life without a washer and dryer in my home. You can also re-wear things many times before they actually have to be washed. And when you do get to do laundry after two weeks it is like a celebration.

5. I’m all about extra grace and ambling through the days this fall. Because what’s the hurry? And why am I stressing? And I really don’t want to miss the holy right here.


What I read:

Home is Where My People Are by Sophie Hudson – probably my favorite style of writing. Funny, sweet, and simple memoirs about this woman’s journey and the people and events who shaped it. I laughed, cried, and sped through this book over Labor Day weekend.

The Mingling of Souls by Matt Chandler – In general – I know the basic material that each Christian marriage book will hold. And yet I keep reading them, and scouring them for the insights that they have to offer as I travel the road of marriage. I am continually encouraged and excited about the sacred gift of becoming one with my husband.

The Sanctuary of the Soul by Richard Foster– Because right now what I’m most hungry for is not more facts about God, nor systematic theologies I can spew out when questioned. What I desire most is intimacy with Christ and knowing His presence in my daily life.

Here Comes the Easter Cat – If you appreciate well written children’s books this is a must. I discovered it on one of my many library stops with sweet preschoolers and probably enjoyed it more than they did. I sent snapchats of it to my sister and read it out loud to my husband. They both think I’m weird, but I thought it was adorable.

What I listened to:

Rend Collective is my morning jam. I appreciate their style and the truth they proclaim.

Moulin Rouge – These honest and passionate love songs are on constant repeat.

Adventure in Odyssey – Maybe I can quote every single episode from this audio drama of my childhood, but nothing adds joy to making dinner or cleaning the bathroom like these characters and stories.

What I’m loving:

Annie’s Organic Mac and Cheese. Making a box of this is a regular routine with the little one I watch every Wednesday. She is going to open a macaroni store when she grows up and I’m going there every day because it is is my favorite food. The plus is that it makes my stomach feel slightly less weird than Kraft mac.

Making Breakfast and packing lunch the night before. Because I’m eager to do anything that will make the sleepy, dark mornings seem easier.

What’sApp. My parents and six siblings continue to spread out further and as we journey down our own roads it is wonderful and hilarious (mostly hilarious) to have a group text continually going with each other.

The bib from a half marathon hanging on my fridge. Because it is good to be regularly reminded of the impossibles that became possible.

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    October 2, 2015 at 2:16 am

    Love this! your mom

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    October 2, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    Running in the evenings is the best! It’s been so hard to find time to do it lately. I’ll have to add some of those books you suggested to my list! Are you going to participate in the Bloom Book Club next week, it’s reading Emily Freeman’s new book Simply Tuesday. I just started it. Seeing what was on your list for September, I think you would really enjoy Simply Tuesday. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!

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