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What I Learned in July

I think I get to the end of every month and have a certain amount of shock and disbelief that it is already over. It’s kind of an obligatory sentiment that adults are required to express. “Wow, can you believe how fast the month went by?” As if we’ve never seen thirty-one days move by us before. That being said, I can’t believe July is over. I still am surprised June is over. But despite the rapid pace it sped by at, July held many new insights.

1. Save Your Reaction

I have come to realize my immediate reaction to hard circumstances is usually in anticipation of how I expect the circumstance to turn out. Sometimes it is an accurate expectation, but more often than not the hardship I expect doesn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would. I’ve been telling myself, or having my husband tell me, to save my reaction. I can be frustrated or hurt or annoyed or grumpy – but I have to wait until the entire scenario has played out.

2. It doesn’t actually matter what people think. They probably aren’t even watching.

Example A: We tried out cross-fit this month. If you know me and you know what cross fit is like you are probably laughing imagining my attempts. But I’ve actually (partially) enjoyed the experience – because who cares if my weight is always the lowest and am not a trapeze artist. The people around me certainly don’t care.

3. Always Bring a Book

This is more of a reminder. Set backs in schedules and waiting on other people is significantly less frustrating if I have a book. It is in fact a little pleasure.

4. Borrowed littles are the best.

I love doing all the mom things with the little ones I’m nannying. Their presence in my life is a consistent spot of sunshine. But I love that I can hand them back at the end of the day.

5. Moving is HARD

I don’t know if I’ve aged considerably since our last move (one year ago) or if we accumulated large quantities things or a combination of the two, but July’s focus was moving and I am wiped out. In the midst of the stress and boxes I wrote this: a mantra for surviving your next move. 

6. It feels so good to get rid of stuff – once the task is completed.

Distributing my piles and bags and boxes of unwanted things was hard, awkward, and exhausting. But to have it all out of my possession feels amazing. Here’s why I’m leaning towards the minimalistic lifestyle. 

7. Acts of service is definitely not my love language. 

I certainly appreciate when people come to help me move or pack or run errands – but it doesn’t speak love to me like a heart-to-heart coffee date or a few words of affirmation does.

8. Cleaning out your house can save you hundreds of dollars. 

While cleaning out the box of computer programs that we have moved from house to house the past few years I found my husband’s Microsoft office program – still with downloads available. I’ve been wanting this ever since getting a new computer – three years ago. This is why you clean out drawers and boxes.

9. I am still a music nerd.

Whenever the opportunity arises for some high caliber music making with professional musicians I am again reminded of how much advanced music needs to be apart of my life.

10. I really have the best husband. 

From buying me the exact pair of Chacos I’ve been wanting to bringing me coffee during long nanny days – I am constantly amazed at the man I get to be married to.

What did you learn in July? Join in the conversation over at Emily P. Freeman’s site – taking the time to reflect on the time that’s passed is one of the best steps in moving towards living life to the fullest.

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    Danielle @No Need For Mars
    August 1, 2015 at 6:11 pm

    What a lovely post! Haha, you’ve prompted me to Google what chacos are, as well as check out your minimalist posts!

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