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A Year in Photos: Week 15

April 6: Swings. Sunshine. Perfect views. {This snapshot happened a minute before we needed to leave to soccer practice. Seconds later little one and I started rushing to the bathroom only to turn back to see her brother jump off the swing and hit the gravel facedown. Life is not always as it seems in pictures.}IMG_3335April 7: Everyone needs something in their life that adds light. For me it is children’s literature. IMG_0014_2April 8: And in the hours spend accompanying and practicing for Snoopy the Musical I encounter this this rather unhelpful tempo marking. For those who compose: clarity is key. IMG_3340

April 9: The reflection in the bus window next to me. (Again: Children’s literature is key.)IMG_0013_2

April 10: It’s always a good day when you open your cupboard to the princess mug and fill it up with Starbucks coffee. IMG_3346

April 11: I don’t particularly love to run. But I love to be active and I love to be outside. And when I pass over the creek it means I’m halfway home. IMG_3350April 12: Backyard picnic for lunch. (Ok – it was just frozen pizza. But if you eat outside by a creek its a picnic right?) IMG_0015_2

{To see these pictures and others on a daily basis follow me on instagram.  Past weeks are all recorded here.}

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