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A Year in Photos: Week 12

March 16: A scrap of wood transformed into a banner to remind me how to live. IMG_3004

March 17: What every afternoon should be made of.


March 18: Signs of spring are everywhere.IMG_3024

March 19: Each rehearsal brings Seussical closer to performance ready. Moments of magic are happening. photo-13

March 20: If your spring started with snow, have hope:


March 21: Laughter and chaos are multiplied when my family is a part of things, especially when snowmobiles are involved.IMG_3113

March 22: The streets of Salida. (Our Sunday night date spot for chinese food and Cinderella at the the movie theater – something BV lacks.)photo-14

{To see the past eleven weeks of photos click here. To see more than one photo each day follow me on instagram.}

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