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What I Learned in February

The days keep moving by quickly. When will I stop being surprised at the speed of pace our lives seem to take? Let me take a minute to celebrate February before I’m half-way through March. (Again, thanks to Emily Freeman for inspiring this monthly reflection.)


1. It’s better to have a plan and it to be changed then to waste time by having no plan.

It is a rare day that the scribbled out plan I make for myself in the morning is still standing by the time evening rolls around. However, it is better for me to have a go-to agenda for the hours that aren’t interrupted than to find myself with extra hours and no plan on how to use them. The moral of this lesson: make a plan and hold it loosely.

2. Glasses are stored upside down for a reason.

I’ve never turned my drinking glasses upside down when putting them away after  a dishwasher run. But the family I nanny for does. And so I’ve started to. And it makes so much sense. Extra drops of water run out, dust can’t get in. My dish storage has been revolutionized.

3. I have a love-hate relationship with snow.

Some days I complain about the snow that continues to fall, and some days I have the urge to go dance in it. What a blessing to live in a place that has glorious spring-like days in between all the snowy ones.

4. There’s nothing more satisfying than creating a enjoyed meal and making enough to have leftovers for the weekends. 

Truly. A fridge full of leftovers that we both enjoyed makes me feel like I just won the jackpot.

5. Holiday Inn serves great breakfasts. (or maybe I just really love free breakfast buffets that I don’t have to make.)

Three Holiday Inn hotel stays within one month has made this evident.

6. The Sand Dunes aren’t as conducive to sledding down as one may think.

And I have some great videos as evidence.

7. Mittens rated for -20 degree weather makes winter much more tolerable. 

For someone whose hands get numb within five minutes of being outside in cold weather this investment was absolutely worth it. I’m almost excited every morning to scrape off my car now that I have these mittens.

8. Traveling in a quiet vehicle is the best place to think.

Numerous plane flights, several bus rides, and few road trips has provided me with ample time to enjoy silence, scenery, and stirred up thoughts.

9. My current mood can set the mood of the environment I’m in.

And though the people I’m with are responsible for their own attitude, the attitude I convey can alter theirs tremendously. Grumpy kids or a stressed spouse is often the direct result of the mood I’m presenting to them.

10. God will truly equip you with the strength needed to accomplish the task at hand. You’ve just got to ask.

February was filled to the brim with little structure and a hundred breaks from the routine. Though I loved all the events that filled up the days, it is easy for to become exhausted by the chaos. God proved Himself strong enough to sustain me again and again. When I am weak, then I am strong. IMG_2836

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    Brenda Kelly
    March 2, 2015 at 7:10 pm

    Such great lessons! I LOVE #1, and can relate to the truths of #4 and #6. Your “old” friend, Mrs. Kelly

    • Reply
      March 5, 2015 at 1:40 am

      Thanks Mrs Kelly! Did you all try sledding the sand dunes too?

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