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A Year in Photos: Week 7

February 9: Colorado Blue SkyIMG_2695

February 10: The sun on this pillow brings me back to gratitude. IMG_2703

February 11: Snow laden trees speak beauty to the soul.IMG_2715

February 12: And when the snow begins to melt and the sound of running water is heard everywhere all I can think of is “Aslan is on the Move.”IMG_2725

February 13: Back to spring weather, putting on my running shoes and throwing aside excuses. Be who you want to become. IMG_2727

February 14: To experience this kind of earthly love is better than anything I ever dreamed of.IMG_2748

February 15: Some days you wake up and decide to go adventuring. Sand Dunes this Sunday afternoon; laughter and light hearted joy were plentiful this day. IMG_2776

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