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What I Learned in January

“Wow,” I jokingly said to my husband a month ago. “It’s January second already. The year is just flying by.” Two days into the year doesn’t seem like very much in comparison to 365, but 31 days is a hefty chunk. As we approach the beginning of a new month I though I’d put into writing just a few things I’ve learned this month (an idea inspired by Emily Freeman over on Chatting at the Sky.) 


1. I like my bed best. 

I was away from it for a third of the month between a myriad of different traveling expeditions. Though all very fun, I was always glad to return to my own bed.

2. There is a clear correlation between maintaining healthy food and exercise and vitamin D choices and feeling good.

The first step to getting into an energetic and happy mentality is making sure these factors are in place.

3. I am more adjusted to small town life than I thought. 

I found this out by being overwhelmed by a trip to the very large King Soopers in my parent’s neighborhood. I missed my City Market one quarter of the size.

4. My calling is to be a helper to my husband.

When I’m out of town or away from him I feel like I’m skipping out on my job. Though he’s fully capable on his own, I do recognize the place in his life I only can fill. Perhaps this is why God has allowed me to spend this year with minimal working hours – so that I am available to living fully into this calling.

5. God gives you opportunities to practice what you want to be better at. 

So be careful what with your goals and prayer requests. He’s listening and takes them even more seriously than you do.

6. Living through the winter with a car window that won’t roll up isn’t as bad as it would seem. 

Even when it snows two feet and you open the driver’s door to a drift completely burying the seat.

7. Friendships are important. 

So its worth driving a few hours, or staying up real late, or putting other things off to maintain and develop them.

8. Winter is much more magical when you are anticipating Christmas. And have good snow boots. 

I find myself anticipating summer more than I normally do in January.

9. Don’t give up on your music. 

Thanks August Rush. And Piano Guys. And piano students who want to play Beethoven. And Tanner Oharah. And everyone else that keeps inspiring me to keep making music.

10. It’s never to late to begin again. 

So what if January was kind of a flop in terms of New Year’s Resolutions. So what if you ate ice cream ten too many times, or went on far too few runs, or didn’t follow through on lists and plans. February is starting tomorrow. And by the grace of God this is going to be a month of diligence. It will be a month well-lived. Mistakes are made. Forgiveness is given. The sun will rise on a fresh morning tomorrow, and God’s mercies are always new.


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  • Reply
    emily freeman
    January 31, 2015 at 6:34 pm

    Love these – and when I lived in Detroit years ago, I had a car with a window that wouldn’t roll up. The worst!

    • Reply
      January 31, 2015 at 6:38 pm

      Thanks for commenting Emily – and for giving me the idea for it. I guess I’m in good company with the non-rolling up window dilemma. =)

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