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Midweek Stillness: Maximum Hope

My sisters call it ‘hump day’. And carry a stuffed camel with them the whole day in celebration.  I looked it up on urban dictionary – a risk to be sure, but often very helpful. “The absolute BEST day of the week,” it explained. “The day of maximum hope that maybe, you might make it out of this week alive.” IMG_2544


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IMG_1771I could use some maximum hope this week. The quirky sounds of my alarm rang out for a solid ten minutes before I tore myself away from my warm bed and sleeping husband this morning and groggily brushed my teeth and poured some coffee. The days have been long lately, filled with things good and bad alike. But so often I’ve found myself at some point in the middle of the day staring at the wall or mindlessly scrolling through my iphone apps, trying to get out of the overwhelmed state of having so much I could be doing but feeling inept or uncertain as to how to go about it. Some clear direction and purpose, some maximum hope could be useful right about now.

But more than hope for weekend relief and a morning without an alarm waking me up in the dark to get started on my tasks, I need some hope for the every day. I don’t want Wednesdays to become only the halfway point on a countdown to the weekend. I want Wednesdays, and all the days, to be vibrant, to be well-used, to be bursting at the seams – overflowing with life.

We can’t live our whole life waiting. We don’t have enough time. Life slips away, I’ve watched it happen. And each day – the Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays included – is what makes up the life. So if today is nothing but a day to get through, to get one step closer to the weekend, tomorrow will probably that follow pattern. And if you put a string of waiting days together all that you get is a life waiting to be lived.

Yeah there’s not anything big or exciting to be done today – the bedroom’s full of clothes to be put away. I have to clean the bathroom again. Tuna sandwiches and scrambled eggs won’t make it onto a Pinterest recipe page. Plunking out notes for choral pieces seems small in comparison to playing a sonata. But this is my life today. And living in procrastination – waiting for something a little more meaningful to come my way while avoiding the seemingly meaningless tasks at hand – will only make this Wednesday empty and lifeless.

Today needs to be celebrated. Not because of its relation to the weekend, but because of its relation to abundance. Because if we can shake off the need to get to Friday, or to get to that point in life where our work seems more significant, and instead start living fully where we’re at, we’ll find ourselves with a string of vibrant days that make up a life well lived. We’ll make it out of this week alive alright, but more than that – we can be fully alive right now. And doesn’t that bring some maximum hope into the middle of our week?

{And if you are looking for some encouragement to get out of the habit of procrastinating and instead choose celebration, maybe Ann’s Voskamp’s words today will be encouraging}

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