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Choosing Peace

So here we are, October 17th – well on our way through this month of writings on peace.  I hope by now you’ve caught a bit of the glorious vision I have as I’ve begun to understand more thoroughly how peace can be manifested in our lives. The result of a peace filled life are magnificent.

But before we go further to upcoming posts covering finances, homemaking, physical health, and marriage part two, one thing must be made absolutely clear.

Peace is not a circumstance or a state of being that we happen on by chance. It is a choice.

What is the one most important thing our society needs? Your answers may be far spread – but the in the memorial scene from Miss Congeniality every answer was the same. 

World peace. That’s what we need. That’s what would make this world a better place. As if we could suddenly stumble upon peace and that would solve all the problems. And with each day that we wait for this peace to come we are wasting valuable opportunities to be instigators in this peace project we so hope for.

What if rather than waking up each morning hoping to magically find ourselves in a peaceful circumstances where there were flowers and hugs and gentle streams running we would instead wake up each morning determined to make peace in some shape or form. We do not need to wait for our external circumstances to be changed to find peace. It is time we recognized each of our individual actions as pockets of peace making within our days. Whether it is in writing a note to a compassion child or having compassion on your own children in their whines and tears.

But more than peace being dependent on our own choices and actions it is dependent on God choosing peace. We can make our efforts, we can do our best, and it won’t be enough without Him choosing also to give us the gift of peace. And the best news of all is that He has already done so. In the outstretched and bloodied hands on the cross he held out a peace offering. A peace that brings wholeness and healing to all of our brokenness. The choice has already been made. He chose peace. Will you also? Working-Hands-1hands_28967_hiresIMG_6298

As followers of Christ we rely entirely on His wholeness to become ours. But once it is ours we are given the beautiful opportunity as working alongside Him as peace makers. We no longer are dependent on abstract feelings and situations to bring us a sense of peace. The Prince of Peace calls us His people and gives us work to do. Passive hope for peace is not part of our days any longer. It is now an active choosing of peace.

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