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It’s Time to Be Overwhelmed

Some mornings life seems really big. Too big. So many tasks. So many people. So many details to tend to. And of course when looked at from the half awake state of grogginess brought on by the 5:30 alarm ringing in my dreams, anything can feel daunting.

It’s not that life really is too hard. That the tasks aren’t doable, or the details unmanageable. But seeing them all stacked on top of each other, like the dirty dishes stacked in the sink, or the large amount of unlearned choir music stacked on the piano, makes it seem big. Too big. The stacks are too high. The hours so many, and yet not enough. And I feel…we feel…overwhelmed.

It is on one of my sleepiest mornings, sipping my coffee down in attempts to stay awake on the way to an early rehearsal, I realize something that could change everything.

The problem is not that I’m overwhelmed. The problem is that the wrong things are overwhelming.

Dirty dishes, open score reading, teaching scale fingering twenty times a week. These are not the things that should intimidate me. Long days, bills, job applications, homework assignments, lesson planning. I don’t need to be anxious. Complicated relationships, managing schedules, and running a household. These can be exhausting but aren’t what should overwhelm.

To be overwhelmed is to be submerged, overpowered, or covered. As children of God, as followers of Christ, there is only one thing that covers us, only one thing that overwhelms us. And that is the lavish outpouring of grace and love given to us at the cross. We are submerged by the love of Christ. If grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking. 

So let Him pour Himself out for you. Stand there for a moment. Be immersed. Let the grace wash over you. No longer are the tasks of the day where you must flail. Be drowned in love. In the love of God, creator of the universe, who died so that you might live, who offers grace upon grace and new mercies each morning. Be overwhelmed.


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