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To the One Desperate for Spring

I went on a walk today to look for green. Surely on the first day of Spring there could be traces of green somewhere.


It was all brown. Brown grass. Brown trees. Brown twigs where I hoped to find green life. Winter still, even though the calendar proclaims spring.

Isn’t that where many of us find ourselves today? Wintered, brown lives where we had hoped to find the green of spring.


It wasn’t a long winter for everyone. Delight has been found, like a million diamonds sparkling in the snow. But for many, I know, the winter has been a harsh one. There have been countless days that I heard the cry of a heart yearning for warmth, for a touch of sun, for a glimpse of the Son. Will this winter ever end?



The branches jut out, gnarled and almost thorn like, no green, no fruit, no bud. The months since life had last been on them have seemed endless.


As I walk, half given up on my search for green, the sun sits on my shoulder. Warming me from the outside in. And I can almost hear the voice calling, calling to the wintered soul.

This winter will not last forever. There is hope for the abandoned. There is joy for the discouraged. There is something beyond the upset plans. There is rest for the weary soul. There is warmth for the disheartened. There is life. Life abundant. Spring is coming. 

Look beyond the the barren branches on which you expected to see the life of spring. Look beyond. Can you feel the sun on you skin? Can you see the water sparkle its reflection? Can you feel the Son warming you from the inside out?


There will be life on these trees. Give it a month and they will be full of buds. Give it another month and we won’t be able to see past the thick green of leaves and life. Have hope. Your winter will soon be over.

Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? ~Isaiah 43:19

Its then that I see it. There, hiding in the trees. A spot of green. Spring is coming. Life is here.


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