Words for Advent

4021-christmas-decoration-ideas-800x600It is always so easy to get lost in the busyness of the Christmas season. Even the best intentioned, well-meaning Christians (myself included) who know all the truths behind why we take time to celebrate can quickly lose their intentions and meanings in the midst of tinsel, wrapping paper, and powdered sugar.

This year is bound to be no exception to the general hubbub that encompasses December – on my calendar and probably yours. For my own sake I need something that will pull me in daily (Sunday mornings and Christmas Eve will just not be enough for me) and remind me again and again (and again) why there is garland strung about my house and why we are gathering a group of high schoolers to sing carols and why this season is so important.

So I am writing here daily, hoping to provide myself (and anyone who wants to jump on board) with a moment or two in the day to remember. I will follow the basic themes of advent that we celebrate in church each week (hope, peace, joy, and love) and dwell in them. A song, a passage of scripture, a thought or two from my heart or of others, something for us to remember. Perhaps instead of getting lost in busyness we can get lost in the magnitude of spiritual significance that season offers to Christ followers.

Below I will collect each day’s thoughts so you can find them quickly. Or perhaps you would like to have them e-mailed directly to you by clicking the “follow link” in the lower right corner to have these posts directly emailed to you as they are published. Maybe you know someone else who would enjoy this series? Click one of the share options below.

No matter where your advent season leads you, it is my deepest hope that Christ will soften your heart and speak to you in new and profound ways. He is in the business of making things new.

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