Today You Are Here: A 31 Day Series On Practicing Presence

Today you are here. The street corner you are standing at. The chair you are sitting on. The path you are walking. The air you just inhaled. The person you just made eye contact with. The song in your head. The food you just tasted. The breeze you feel brushing across your face. Today you are here.

Today you are here. No amount of daydreaming or scheming can remove you from this moment at this precise place in space and time. You can change where you’ll go tomorrow. You can change the patterns you’ve set for yourself. You can hope for something different in the future. But nothing you do can pull you away from the present moment. Today you are here.

Today you are here. Tell me, what does it look like from where you stand? What do you feel? What do you hear? What do you need? What do you want? What can you see from your eyes wide with wonder? What’s that aroma wafting through the air? What is it like to be here? Are you noticing today?

For the month of October I am choosing to practice presence. I am done running through my days with my eyes straining ahead. I am over the constant drive to get to the next thing, the next task, the next weekend, the next vacation, the next stage of life. I am ready to be present to the moment I’m in. And I’m ready to share with you what I see from here.

The next 31 days of writing will be collected below. I expect these writings to be short, a few hundred words or less to capture a snippet of my right-now moments and what it feels like in this present place. I hope you’ll join me here, if only to gain fresh enthusiasm to dwell where you are today.

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