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A Little Stillness for Your Soul This Christmas [a FREE collection of advent reflections]

I have something for you this Advent.

We turn over the calendar page to December in just a few days and if you’re anything like me you’ll be greeted by packed squares and overflowing agendas. It seems a little contradictory, this month that is all about peace on earth turns out to actually be marked by busy schedules and endless to-do’s.

I’ve been entertaining this fantasy of quitting all my things for December and dedicating the twenty-five days leading up to Christmas to sitting on my couch in front of our twinkling Christmas tree, rotating between reading sweet novels and watching sentimental Christmas movies. A pine scented candle is always burning in this daydream and my cup of peppermint tea or frothy hot chocolate is always steaming.

Unfortunately, I mapped out the next few weeks the other day and this Christmas wish won’t be coming true. As it turns out, responsible adults don’t really have the luxury to quit everything and hermit in the corner of their living room for an entire month.

But slowing down, finding space, stilling my hurried soul – these are things that remain valuable to me, all year long but especially during the Advent season as we prepare for the celebration of our coming Savior. So I’m looking for alternatives.

I may not have an entire month, or even an entire day, to devote to sipping tea and listening to gentle Christmas carols, but I have minutes scattered throughout my busy days. There’s the drive to work, the few minutes in between classes, the toddler’s nap time, the time as the hamburger browns or the water comes to a boil. There’s the few minutes outside school before the kids are ready to be picked up or the extra long line at the grocery store. I can wake up a little bit earlier, or sit quietly just a minute longer before going to bed.

If I look closely enough, there are a dozen moments like these sprinkled across the busy days of December. Enough time to slow my soul and carve out a little space to welcome in Jesus.

Maybe you’re right there with me, feeling like this season is already bursting at the seams and it has hardly begun. Maybe you’re feeling like you won’t be able to catch your breath for the next four weeks, that there’s too much and you’re spread too thin.

But I’m sure you have these little moments within in your day, too.

And I have something just for you to help you make the most of those little windows of time.

I’ve been working on it this fall, slowly, as the leaves faded and dropped to the ground, as the mornings became crisper and the nights got darker. I turned on Christmas songs far before it was socially acceptable, poured many cups of peppermint tea and prayerfully composed a collection of twenty-five quiet reflections for your Advent.

Twenty-five passages of scripture, accompanied by a small reflection and a short, one-sentence prayer for you to tuck into the cracks of your day as you journey through Advent.

It’s not a lot of content, it’s not meant to take the place of your own scripture study or devotional time, but it’s a little something delivered straight to your inbox that you could open in the middle of your busy days to bring a little quiet to your chaos.

So click here to drop me your name and email address so I can know how to get these little moments of stillness to you this December. (Go ahead and fill this out, even if you receive other email updates from me.)

May you find the space to welcome in the Prince of Peace this Christmas.

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