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The World Needs You to Be Whole [and the reason self-care isn’t selfish]

I was making breakfast smoothies when I heard about Las Vegas. The loud clamor of frozen berries blending with last week’s bananas suddenly became background noise to the news of yet another terror rattling our country’s well-being. What had started as an ordinary Monday morning was now darkened and the mundane tasks of smoothie making, egg scrambling and heading out into our normal work day were shadowy and trite in the wake of such enormous tragedy.

And yet I kept going.

You did too, I’m sure.

Carrying sadness into our work, our chores, our routine, but going forward all the same.

We can mourn and we can ache and we can stand still in wordless prayers. We can cry out in sorrow, we can question and we can weep. We can hold one another and grieve the evil that has broken our world into a million pieces. We can throw ourselves on our knees and beg for God’s peace to reign. But then it is time to get up, to rise strong, and take steps onward. Because the first step to seeing peace in this world is becoming a peacemaker ourselves. The best thing we can do for a broken world is to chase hard after wholeness in our right-now lives.


I finished blending the smoothies. We drank them and ate the eggs I had scrambled in sober quiet. And then I kissed my husband firmly as he headed out the door, handing him the lunch I had made of salad and Greek yogurt and a Larabar for dessert. I went on a walk with the little one I nanny for, inhaling the crisp autumn air and laughing at the sweet toddler’s indiscernible babble. I practiced piano for an upcoming choir concert, I read a few chapters from delightful books, I edited an essay, I wiped down the counters and grilled some chicken. I went about pursuing wholeness in my life, bringing peace to all the places I could touch.

I know, it seems so small. In the face of senseless killing, in the aftermath of unexpected, undeserved, unfair death. To wipe crumbs off the counter, to strap a baby into a stroller and walk around a little mountain town, to light a candle and pour a cup of tea. It almost seems irreverent to do anything but crawl underneath the covers and wail for the innocence lost and hurt inflicted and all those gaping holes those precious lives once filled. And there absolutely is a time for that.

And yet. I can’t help but believing the world needs more than lamentations and tears. The world needs resilient warriors. Bearers of goodness, beacons of light, makers of peace. But until we are whole we have nothing to offer.

So that is why, on Mondays that I wake up to tragedies, I pull out my list. My list of tangible, concise steps I can take to integrate my heart, soul, mind and body into a whole person, a bringer of peace into devastated lives. Yes, they are small. No, they won’t fix the evil or remove the hurt. But, perhaps, the regular discipline of taking five minutes out of my day to pursue wholeness build me into a person shines a little light into all this ferocious darkness.

I hope you’ll join me. Because nothing will inspires wholeness in me as much as seeing wholeness in you.

It’s simple, really. Just enter your name and email below and begin taking five minutes a day to pursue wholeness in your right-now life. Sometimes simple and small is all we need to do the work of becoming our best-selves.


ALSO – and I’m excited about this – I want to see how you’re practicing wholeness in your own life, and Instagram is a great way to do so: #wholenesspractice – let’s be whole together.

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  • Reply
    Kirstin Troyer
    October 16, 2017 at 8:03 am

    Such a good post. I love how you said “bringing peace to all the places I could touch”. While it may seem small, it is so vital, and if more of us did that just think of the difference it would make.

    • Reply
      Greer Oharah
      October 17, 2017 at 3:35 pm

      Thank you, as always Kristin, for your kindness. Yes – small actions can make big differences. Keep on bringing peace!

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