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Choose Your Own {adventure} Future: the |BEST| way to approach your right-now life

I’ve been doing a lot of walking lately. Two one-year-olds under my care requires it. There’s only so much entertaining I can do with cars and blocks. Let’s go for a walk. So I bundle them up and snuggle them into the stroller and we walk. And walk and walk and walk. Down main street, along the highways, through every neighborhood in the town. To the coffee shop, to the post office, to the library. And while we walk I think. I let my imagination take over and my thoughts turn to daydreams, I let my wonderings do a little wandering. What will life look like next year? And the next? And five years from now? Where will we be in ten years? What will we be doing and thinking and who will we become on this journey called life?

It’s a grand adventure, this one precious life we get to live.

And then I turn the stroller around and we head back to the house. This is where we are today. This little apartment over a garage. This yard full of golden leaves twirling to the ground. This child as my ward. These tasks at hand. This first Monday in October. I breathe the crisp autumn air into my lungs and steady myself here, rooted and grounded in the present. This is where I am today, this is all I have.

And yet I have dreams and hopes and someday-maybes swelling in my soul. What do I do with them without letting their call sweep me away from reality? How do I integrate the plans for what’s next with the reality of right now? How do I reconcile the fact that I am both here today and moving toward tomorrow?

Here is all I know to do:

Choose today to be the woman I hope to become in the future.

I choose to be patient, lighthearted, and understanding with the people I encounter today because that’s the kind of mom I want to be in the future. I choose to delight in my husband’s ideas, jokes, and work today because that’s the wife I want to be when we’re raising babies and growing old. I go on runs and lift weights and practice yoga today because I want to be fit and active well into my eighties. I make real meals and celebrate the myriad of flavor options and relish the experience of mincing vegetables because I want to be a woman who serves her body and others’ well. I write every single day no matter how busy I am because I plan on being a writer. I love my home and order the things within it to create a hygge experience for all to enter because that’s the home I dream of having. I laugh heartily and frequently and I cry unabashedly and openly because I’ve decided my future self will be authentic and honest.

I use today to become the woman I dream of being tomorrow.

Because let me tell you this valuable, radically life altering secret:

How you live today is who you’ll become tomorrow.

I’d love to indulge in ice cream every night. I’d love to have daily Netflix marathons and never set an alarm and only do things that are easy and fun. I’d love every day to be a lazy-sit on the couch in your sweats day. I don’t want to write when I don’t have inspiration, I don’t want to choose kindness when I have a snarky response, I don’t want to work steadily and faithfully when I’m exhausted, I don’t want to go on a long run after a full day of work.

But that’s not who I imagine myself being in ten years so its not who I’ll be today.

Today we choose who the people we’re becoming will be.

I know who I want to be in the future.

So today I’ll be her.


{Disclaimer: while editing this essay I may or may not have devoured multiple spoonfuls of Smucker’s caramel. Take heart, we’re all a work in progress, nobody is perfect.}




So if you get to choose who you’re becoming, why not choose to be whole? Here are a collection five minute practices to get you started!

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    October 6, 2017 at 2:44 pm

    This is soooo good and filled with so much wisdom and truth! It resonated with me so much and I plan on reading it again just to make sure I’ve absorbed it all. Thank you!

    • Reply
      Greer Oharah
      October 12, 2017 at 4:40 pm

      Thank you so much, Vanessa. I am so glad this spoke to you this week, and so glad you stopped by!

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