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You’re Invited [because everyone needs their own good-space]

I’ve got the yoga mat out every night these days, tossed out in front of the open window. The heat of the afternoon has dissolved into a delicious mountain breeze and I sit cross legged and tall. Hands at my heart, I breathe in fully and exhale. I feel the slow stretches gently strengthening my body, the movement softly healing my body. Healing it from the day’s exertion, the running and hiking and chasing small children and sitting at the piano for hours. The thirty minutes on the mat at the end of the day is so much more than a work-out regime. It is a pocket of time that frees my limbs of all striving and hustle, that provides a moment for for my heart to expand to its fullest. A safe place where my physical self is allowed take up room and be itself – awkward positions and quivering muscles welcome. It is a good-space for my body to be alive.

Sukha. That’s the word I used repeatedly during my yoga practice last night. It means good-space and I can’t stop thinking that we could all really use a good-space in the midst of our frantic days.

I’m getting ready for some spring cleaning at our house. I know, we’re practically to summer but better late than never, right? I’m envisioning pantry shelves cleaned out of expired tortillas and spilled soy sauce. White space everywhere and corners freed from the clutter that has sat there since Christmas and old t-shirts donated. I’m envisioning a home that feels like a resting spot at the end of busy days and long travels. A place where we can be strengthened and healed and held in between the work and the adventures. A good-space for all who walk through its doors.

It’s like a cup of icy cold water on a hot afternoon, this whole sukha thing. A lit porch light and eager wave as you walk up the front steps, and open arms that speak belonging to the core of your being. I get the feeling we’re all feeling a gnawing hunger for a little of this sukha – a good-space for our true selves to sit down and be.

Summer’s arrival has got me all giddy, like a little kid on Christmas eve. All that green grass and these barefooted days, the evenings that stretch on for hours and nights that end before you open your eyes. It’s like the earth is softening its hard wintered ground and extending its warmth like an embrace. It’s a good-space for my soul to dwell.

Because sometimes the world outside feels a little like a war-zone, doesn’t it? A place where we compete for attention and accolades, a place we fight to be known, to be seen, to feel like our work and our achievements are validated. And as we rush from one thing to the next, trying so hard to please all the people as we go, it could be like suave on our battered souls to enter into a good-space.

I wonder what it would be like if we made it our lives a good-space for others to gather? Like a mat spread out in front of a fresh mountain breeze, like a home with a candle burning and bouquet of flowers welcoming you in, like a quiet summer day greeting you after months of bitter chill biting at your bones. What if we could offer that to each other? A good-space to slip off your shoes and curl up under a soft blanket, safe and at ease, a place to slip out from behind that tough wall you’ve built up and release the pretense that you’ve got it all together. A place where where you’re allowed to be yourself, to share your deep thoughts and embarrassing stories. What if we could come together and create this good-space for anyone who wanted in? To let them be known and loved and called to the very best version of themselves?

No one wants to stay out on the battlefield. You don’t, I don’t, the girl next to you doesn’t. We are all longing for a good-space to thrive, to be strengthened and healed. Let’s start here, let’s start today.


Friends, I hope you know that I value your presence here. I have a vision for it to become an online good-space for us to connect, to tell stories, to sip coffee as we read the words here and laugh-cry over our crazy lives. I have a vision that as we gather together here we will feel safe to embrace our best-selves. So let me refill your mug with something hot and let’s settle in and get to know each other. How about starting right here with a 6 Day Guide to Uncovering Your True Identity? It’s a journal series, some stories from my own journey, scripture to tuck into your heart, and truth that we all need to be reminded of. Sign up below!

We’re all about embracing our best selves here. Join me on a journey to uncovering your true identity.


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