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Celebrate May

When the days fly by and the months are full making space to mark time and capture the moment becomes imperative. Linking up this month with Emily P. Freeman and Leigh Kramer as I celebrate the completion of another month and what I learned, loved, and read within these thirty-one days.

What I Learned

1. Summer is my favorite season.

I have always claimed to like all seasons equally. And though I still do love them all, there is nothing quite like the lightness in my soul when the end of May comes and green is everywhere I look. So naturally I wrote about it over here.

2. Being in charge of children 24/7 is indeed harder than I thought it would be. (And I thought it would be hard.) 

When the family I nanny for asked us to keep the kids for a whole week while they were out of town I readily agreed. I knew it would be a little work than the usual 9 hours I watch them, but I didn’t realize how much more. I thought I was doing ok and then I realized I didn’t clean the house and the meals were all pre-made, not to mention the fact that I wasn’t in charge of them for the next eighteen years. You guys with kids: you have my admiration. Full-time parenting is hard!

3. I identify with traits of a highly sensitive person. 

Which is possibly why I start crying when I’m under pressure and I’m in a loud environment. Or why I have to watch shows like Lost in small doses and not late at night. (But naturally, I’m still watching it because I’m 100% hooked despite being a full decade behind the trend.)

4. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is a whole poem.

And it’s actually quite lovely. This why you read children’s books.

5. ‘Being done’ is elusive.

Because no matter how many things I complete there always seems to be more, and those dates in the future when ‘it’ll all be over’ seem to come and go without bringing a lot of relief. So maybe it’s time I start embracing the fact that this whole life is a work in progress and learn contentment as I live into the ‘undone’ of it all. (I wrote about this, too. Because that’s what I do when I’m learning stuff.)

6. Helping others discover their true identity solidifies my own.

Because the more I remind you who you are the more secure I become about who I am. I’ve created a whole journal series with just this purpose. There’s a sign up at the bottom of this page for Six Days of Uncovering Your True Identity, a journey that will show up right in your inbox and take you further on the path of discovering who you truly were made to be.

What I Loved:

1. Modern Mrs. Darcy’s daily Kindle deals

My summer reading plan includes a lot of kindle use, so I’ve been slowly creating my virtual library and love getting cheap titles sent to me every morning.

2. Smoothies for breakfast

Healthy, refreshing, quick, and transportable – this has been my go to breakfast all month and I’m sure it’ll continue through the summer.

3. Afternoon sparkling water

Right about two p.m. every afternoon I start craving a refreshing drink of some sort. Usually this means an iced coffee or slushie but I’m realizing a can of Perrier sparkling water meets the need in a healthier way.

4. Planning our summer 

This is a love/hate thing actually. Our summer is revolving around a 486 mile hike through Colorado in the month of July, so our free time is spent researching dehydrated meals, trekking poles, and water stops along the trail. It has been fun, but also overwhelming. As much as I always thought of myself as an organized, detail-oriented person, I’m really not and figuring out all the small things does not come easy. Regardless, I’m quite excited for the expedition and the next month of more planning and training.


What I Read:

1. Short by Holly Goldberg Sloan

An incredibly sweet and simple story of a young (and short) girl who finds herself cast as a munchkin in a community production of The Wizard of Oz. Her self-discovery as she encounters unexpected friendships with the director, costumer, and adult-munchkin actors is delightful and spot on. As a theater girl myself this story spoke to my heart.

2. Grace For the Good Girl by Emily P. Freeman

As a regular follower of Emily Freeman’s books, teaching, and blog it seemed time to read her first work. Though A Million Little Ways is still my favorite of hers, this book should not be missed – especially by the women like me with ‘boring testimonies’ and a background in the church.

3. A Family Shaped By Grace: How To Get Along With The People That Matter Most by Gary Morland

Written by Emily Freeman’s father, this book has been on my radar for a while. It will release in one week and if you have a single relationship within your family (extended or immediate) that you consider challenging or difficult this is something you should read. Gary Morland is down to earth and honest about his own story, and provides his readers with a hopeful vision and a plethora of practical insight.

4. Happy People Read and Drink Coffee by Agnes Martin-Lugand

I’ll be honest, I sometimes choose books by their cover (and title) and this was one of those instances. (Because I like to read and drink coffee.) There’s a reason they say not to do this. I didn’t hate it, but it wasn’t the sweet novel I was hoping for. Perhaps it was due to the translation (originally French) but the characters weren’t believable and the plot seemed clunky. The setting, however, was delightful and offered a fun European retreat.

5. Lighten Up: A Complete Guide For Light and Ultra-Light Backpacking by Don Ladigin

A helpful guide as we prepare for our summer of hiking. Without food and water my pack weighed in at 18 pounds, so I think this book helped.



I’d love to hear what you’ve learned, loved, or read this month. Comment below, or perhaps join us in the link ups! Happy June, friends.

We’re all about embracing our best selves here. Join me on a journey to uncovering your true identity.



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