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The One Thing to Get You Through Your Busy Life

The thing about life is that it has a tendency to swallow you whole. Have you noticed? One minute you’re skipping through your day, dolling out your yes’s and your I’d be glad to’s like free candy and the next you’re in over your head, swamped by all the many things you thought you could manage. Over-committed and overwhelmed you’re now trudging through the day, biding your time till the next cup of coffee – hoping it’ll hold you over to the moment you can at last crawl back into bed. I know the feeling, I’ve been there before. And let me tell you the one truth that got me through: this season won’t last forever.

I’m absolutely in favor of guarding your time. Create a sabbath, set aside time to rest, allow room for white space on your day timer. But as a fellow human on this walk through life let me share something with you: you are going to encounter strenuous seasons. You can’t escape it. No amount of carving out free time and declining invitations can safeguard you from the constant whirl of our world. We live on a spinning planet, one that is imperfect and subject to chaos. Of course we are going to find ourselves encircled with hard days, arduous work, or at the bare minimum – busyness. It is the fate of being a mortal on this side of heaven.

But let me remind you once more, this season – whether busy with work, plagued by illness, racked with financial crisis, burdened by relationships, or dripping with stress – won’t last forever.

I’m over with the beautiful community Seasoned With Salt this week, and there’s one thing we all need to remember when life gets busy. I’ll see you there!


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