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Saving Me Right Now [10 of my favorite winter hacks]

I’m never sure if I love winter or hate it, but by the time we get to February and I can’t remember the last time I was actually warm, it is time to get serious about finding things to hold me over to spring. I’m on a daily search for small, practical ways to live in the light during these cold days, and as I look I find them. Little pieces of common grace inserted into the hours and weeks and months of this season, slowly transforming it from a time I merely endure, to a treasured part of my year. These small things, trite or shallow as they may be, are saving my life right now.

Warm Sweaters and Boot Socks


Since I can’t stay curled up in my cozy bed all day, these clothing items are the next best thing. H&M and Target have provided me with the perfect grey (only) sweaters to combine with leggings (always) and my current fashion obsession – boot socks.

Afternoon coffee break


Musical rehearsals at the school keep us out until nine or later most nights. (Yuck). But I’ve been finding pockets of time in the late afternoon to brew some coffee (decaf because I’m getting old – see last post), and enjoy a few moments of stillness before the evening activities begin. Sometimes it’s ten minutes and sometimes it’s forty-five, and it has become my favorite time of the day.



When the light starts fading outside (still far too early) the light in the home needs to shine all the brighter. The methodical lighting of candles every night is a routine that seems especially life giving during the winter months.

Sugar Scrub and exfoliating body wash

It’s a little present for my poor skin that gets more parched every day in this dry Colorado air.

Spring Break Plans 


Knowing that a vacation to Florida with beaches, humidity, sunshine, and theme parks is only eight weeks away keeps this season from seeming eternal. This too shall pass.

Gilmore Girls

You guys, I’ve never been through this series and I feel like I’ve gained a dozen new friends. I treat myself with this show at random times during the week – Monday nights, Wednesday afternoons, Saturday mornings. It is simple and sweet, a little funny and a little sad and altogether delightful – perfect little snippets of diversion throughout my days.

Seasonal Books


Night Driving by Addie Zierman and Roots and Sky by Christie Purifoy are two memoirs on my shelf – both of which talk specifically about winter months and their journeys through them. They’ve made me more receptive to and in-tune with this season.

Weekend trips


Because little getaways to Anaheim, Denver, or even the next mountain town over for a choir event breaks up the vastly stretching months of winter. Hotel stays, meals out, and mostly just a change of scenery create mini vacations as we walk through this season.

Snow sports


Snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and downhill skiing have made winter not only bearable but delightful as they capitalize on the elements rather than merely getting through them.

10K running app


I have a million excuses about running in the winter. Short days, icy roads, freezing temperatures. But this app has given me a very doable plan that will last through April (if I follow it) and has got me running again with less whining and more of a purpose.


The winter season is precisely that – a season. It is only for a time, it won’t last forever. Spring will come, replacing the snowy peaks and ice packed roads with warmer days and greener trees. But I don’t want to live through these days, these seasons, with the the mentality that where I’m headed is better than where I am. Today is where I am, today it is winter, and I want to embrace today to the fullest.

So what’s saving you this winter? What things will get you from here to summer? I’d love to hear about them – either in the comments below or over at Modern Mrs. Darcy where a whole community is sharing their winter hacks.

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