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Seasons of Feasting

The table is set. A lace cloth has been spread underneath our finest china. Every dish we could imagine is put before us. A giant turkey has just been carved and the aroma of baking pies teases our watering taste buds. Candle flames wave and dance above the meal as we sit down with the people we love most.

Our hearts are full. It is time to feast.

But just as we raise the first bite to our mouths someone yells at us.

“Stop!” they cry, “This is too good. We don’t deserve such luxury. Don’t eat from this table. Leave this abundance and find something harder to digest.”

We laugh at them. What is the point of a feast if no one partakes of it?

Why waste such abundance? Sure, it is more than we need, more than we deserve. But it has been graciously prepared for us and it would be absurd to pass it up for a Taco Bell run.

And yet, though the idea of leaving a Thanksgiving meal untouched in favor of fast food is laughable, I do this very thing day after day.

My life is in a sweet season right now. I have work that I love to do, I am financially stable, my home is ideal, my spouse makes me inexplicably happy, I’m healthy, and I wake up in the morning excited for the day ahead.

I have a feast laid out before me to take from and enjoy.

But just as I raise my glass to toast this beautiful life I’ve been given, something nudges the pit of my stomach and tells me I have it too good. This feast is bigger than you deserve, it whispers. Life isn’t meant to be this happy. Don’t take a bite; don’t enjoy the food laid before you.

I’m over on (in)courage.me with the rest of my musings on living in seasons of bounty today – I’d love to have you join me there, and perhaps subscribe for future encouragement from the wonderful community over there.

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