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Online links worth a read:

Four Simple Living Benefits from Spending a Little More Time Outdoors by Robin Shliakhau “The excess and pace of modern life puts a strain on the environment and on our lives that we cannot fully comprehend. So let’s make time to get outside a little more and discover all the benefits nature has to offer.” (So important for me to remember as winter sets in.)

The Beauty of Transformation by Melinda MattsonWe don’t always store up spiritual provision for ourselves when the living is easy, but we’d do well to take our cue from the trees. The time we invest in our relationship with God when we aren’t in crisis will help to sustain us when we feel parched and chilled by circumstances.” (Thankful for this reminder as I walk through an easier season these days.)

Food, the Gospel by Emily P. Freeman “The healing gospel of Jesus shows up in simple ways we might never think to expect.” (Because I think we’re all hungry for the gospel to come to us in the most ordinary ways.)


From my heart:

This Week:

Today You Are Here: Present  “I am home. I pull into my driveway and carry my bags up to my house. There are many things ahead, good and beautiful in their time. But today I am here.” (My final installment in my Today You Are Here series was posted on Monday. I loved my month spent practicing presence – maybe you want to hop over here to read the ones you missed?)

Celebrate October 6 things I learned, 3 books I read, and and 5 things I’m loving as October wrapped up.


One Year Ago: When Your Routine Falls ApartIt seems God likes to move us to places where we feel out of our comfort zone and away from our favorite hand holds to cling to. It seems God is about moving us out into the realm where we must choose grace.”

Two Years Ago: You Only Pass This Way Once {Giving Thanks for the Moment} “You only pass this way once. This day is not repeated and what is now will soon be no more. Recognize the moment. Recognize and give thanks. Remember now with that sweet appreciation before it is gone”

Favorite Instagram:

Yours (@christiepurifoy): So in love with this East Coast autumn shot. img_0401

Mine (@greeroharah): All the happy things at the start of November.img_0374

Happy Weekend, friends!

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