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Today You Are Here: Present

Daydreams filled my head as my jeep wound through mountain roads. Headed home from a weekend away I mulled over the wedding celebration I was coming from, and wondered whose would be next. And what would things look like when we arrived there? And what would my life be like then? What major life landmarks would I have traversed through, where will I be living, what will I have accomplished? My mind wandered over ideas and hopes and plans and what-if’s. There is much life ahead to live. img_0356img_0357img_0248img_0359img_0358

My car climbs steadily up a mountain pass, the last one before my drive was done. Just as it nears the top there’s a bend in the road, and as I curve around it I see the massive mountain our home is nestled under. The sun is setting, the rugged peak juts into the almost-night sky. I begin to see the lights of our small town twinkle in the dusk. I catch my breath, stunned by all this beauty. My daydreams are halted and I just stare at the place I call home.

Today I am here. Buena Vista, Colorado. A little mountain town nestled in the valley between several ranges. It’s morning here, and it is cold. This afternoon it will be warm. And then as the sun drops into the horizon it will be chilly once more. Today I am here, pouring my coffee into a thermos, grabbing a black binder full of choir music, pulling my Northface fleece over my Halloween costume, heading out into the light of another day.

I don’t know where time will take me. Where I will be a year from now, several months from now, or even tomorrow. We think we know where we’re headed and then the path twists unexpectedly and we are somewhere else. We can wonder, we can daydream, but today is all we know.

Today I am here, rubbing Monday morning sleepies out of my eyes, lighting a pumpkin-vanilla scented candle, singing Disney music as I do breakfast dishes and put on make-up, watching as cream swirls into my dark coffee.

I can reminisce about the days I’ve already lived, I can conjecture about where I’m headed. But today is what I have to work with. Today, the last day of October, the first day of this long week, this ordinary Monday given to me as a gift to receive, sprinkled with treasures and lavished with grace.

I open my eyes – the only way I can open the gift of today. I am here today – alert to the sounds, the smells, the sights, the people, the feelings, the wonders, the hardships. I am learning to practice presence – and as I do this day, this very moment, becomes a present.

I am home. I pull into my driveway and carry my bags up to my house. There are many things ahead, good and beautiful in their time. But today I am here.


{This is my final installment in my Today You Are Here series. Thank you so much for joining me in this practice of presence. It has been a delightful journey, and I’ve appreciated all your feedback. If you missed any posts along the way you can find them over here. I look forward to journeying forward with you as we move into November. Subscribe below for future posts to be sent directly to your inbox or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for regular updates.}

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    November 1, 2016 at 10:21 pm

    I thoroughly enjoyed every post I read, and I need to play catch up on the ones I missed. Can’t wait to read more in the future.

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      November 2, 2016 at 10:10 am

      Thank you so much, Kristin! So glad you are here!

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