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Today You Are Here: Married

I turn the corner and take the first steps into the sanctuary. Tulle and flowers line the pews, everyone seated is dressed in their best, smiles and tears mix every face. I reach the end of the aisle, find my place at the front and turn toward the back. Everyone’s necks are craned, eager for the first glimpse. The double doors are opened as the music changes. We all are standing and the bride enters.


It has been a long day of preparation leading up to this moment, a long string of days and months and years waiting for this to come. We used to sit criss-cross on our beds in college dorms, wondering and daydreaming and crying and praying someday this would happen. We would call each other and give giddy updates, text for much-needed encouragement, grab cups of coffee and get all the updates. And now she is walking down the aisle.

I finger the rings on my finger underneath my bouquet as she exchanges hers with her almost-husband. They are slipped on, their life pledged only to each other from this day forth. I think of my own husband, can it really be three-and-a-half years that we’ve been married? Wasn’t it just yesterday?

Within what feels like only a few minutes she is announced as a mrs. We’re walking back down the aisle, laughing, smiling, dancing a little. It’s a good day for marrying you, the music sings out. Baby, the sun is shining, put on your wedding dress. It’s a good day for marrying you.

I think of the cute way my husband asks me to marry him randomly throughout day-to-day life. It’s how he says he loves me, that he still likes me after these three-and-a-half years, that he would still stand at the alter and say I do. It’s a good day for marrying you.

You only get married once, most brides are told as they try to decide on wedding colors and reception venues. Yes, it was only once that I had a wedding and put on my wedding dress and walked down the aisle to say I do. But we keep choosing to be married. We keep choosing each other, choosing to live out our vows in the dailiness of our normal life – morning after morning, day after day, til death do us part.

My sweet friend and her brand-new husband are off on honeymoon. The limo whisked them away from all the candles and tulle and well-wishing friends and family. Their wedding is over, and the marriage is just beginning. They said I do at the alter today but they will say I do when they get up tomorrow, and when they get home from the honeymoon and begin real life as husband and wife, and they get up every morning til death do they part.

I linger on the phone saying goodnight to my husband, so eager to return to him tomorrow and be with him again. It’s a good day for marrying you.

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    The Reluctant Bride
    October 30, 2016 at 10:27 am

    I am sad that October is almost over because you won’t be posting these any more. ❤️

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      October 31, 2016 at 10:19 am

      Aw, thanks Marie. I’m a little sad too – it was a fun process.

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