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Today You Are Here: Alive

I’m lying still in the quiet dark. We’ve both had full days. It is a busy season for us – productions, weddings, early rehearsals, late nights at work. We finally make it to bedtime. He falls asleep before I do. I hear his breathing shift, I scoot closer to him and listen for the last minutes of the day. Listen to the breath that signals life, vitality, health. Slow, steady streams of air, in and out, effortlessly and without notice. My eyes close and we’re both asleep.


The alarm goes off early. Earlier than I would like it to. We are up, pulling on clothes, brushing teeth and heading out the door for another day of life – packed and pulled taut with all the many tasks.

It is is easy to lose sight of the miracle of life. To forget how astounding our bodies are, to forget to marvel over the thousands of intricate functions they are performing every hour. It is easy to use it as a tool to move us from task to task, rather than treat it as a treasure to be cared for. It is easy to race through the days and never once celebrate the fact that we are alive.

He looks exceptionally handsome this morning. I’m leaving for the weekend, and my attraction to him makes it hard to do so. We hug goodbye as he heads out the door, his body enfolding mine. The door closes behind him and I am amazed that with all the many people in this big world the two of us found each other, that our lives intertwined.

It is easy to forget how incredible marriage is. It is easy to take the companionship and intimacy for granted. It is easy to let the days go by, packing them so full with things that you neglect to look over at the man you married and marvel at the way your life has become one. It is easy to race through the days and never once celebrate that you are alive together.

But then I feel his heavy breath on my forehead, I feel his chest rise and fall beneath my head and I am astounded at the miracle of two lives intersecting.

Today we are here. Alive and lying side by side. I hope this lasts forever, this mingling of souls. But life, miraculous as it is, is fragile and unpredictable. So I scoot closer and I breathe with him and I relish this life before it is gone.

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