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Today You Are Here: Waiting

I’ve been up for two hours and the sun is justing beginning to come up. We’re in the season that the night lasts longer than the day. In two weeks we’ll be turning our clocks back, making the dark come even sooner. I light candles and click light switches on. The light lasts less and less with every day. It will be nearly Christmas when it at begins to stay longer. We’ll drink hot chocolate to celebrate and begin the slow journey back to summer, back to light. For now we wait as the darkness sets in.img_5732img_0261img_0130imageIMG_6049

I’ve been walking a lot lately. Waiting for a sore knee to get better, willing the nine-month-old strapped to my chest to at last fall asleep, catching the last of the warm and storing up the final bits of color dotting the tree tops. I pass political signs at each turn. The campaigns are raging and the conversation is heated and we just want to know what will happen. Our town is voting on an issue that matters to everyone. So much of this election will shape our future. Only a few more weeks now left, little to do but hope for the best. We drop our ballots in the mail and wait.

We made a list of all our travel dreams yesterday. All the ideas we could conjure for the upcoming months. I wrote them down, each one filling me with excited expectation. Maybe we could head over here, maybe we could do that, maybe we could go then. Maybe, maybe, maybe. We booked a hotel. I looked at itinerary details, scouring all the options. I am counting down the days. It’s not a long way off. But it isn’t today. Today its just a daydream I am waiting for.

There’s a group of students that are waiting for results. They sent in audition tapes, stood in front of judges – knees shaking. And now they are watching the days creep closer to the day they’ll hear back and know if they made it in or not. Nothing to do but wait.

One of my best friends gets married in five days. The engagement has been dragging on, she’s just ready to walk down the aisle and say I do. She’s ready for her life as a wife to begin. The final details are wrapping up and she is in her last week of waiting.

Christmas is coming. We’re thinking about where we will spend it, I’m scoping out the best spot to cut down a tree, the holiday coffee creamers and egg nog is on the shelf at the grocery store and peppermint ice-cream is on the shelf in my freezer. I am trying to make myself wait a few more weeks before turning on the Christmas music.

There are clouds covering the sun today. We will have to wait even longer for the sun to come out, meanwhile our chances at daylight are lessening. “It keeps getting darker and darker,” I read. “Darker and darker. And then Christ comes.” The wait won’t last forever. And when it is over it will be worth it.

Today, though, we wait. We sip our coffee and do the things we can do today. We pull on a jacket and go to work. We don’t listen to Christmas music, we don’t hop on a plane, we don’t know the outcomes and we don’t see the sun. We scrub dishes and teach music and make the bed and run to the grocery store. Today is a waiting day. I don’t mind. Waiting days have a beauty of their own. Anticipation is part of the story. Waiting days make the coming all the more joyous.

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  • Reply
    April Box
    October 24, 2016 at 12:59 pm

    Greer, I have loved your 31 days writing. I started following just recently. You have a special gift of writing, incorporating encouragement with beauty. I like the pictures you intentionally place in each post to go along with the theme. Please keep writing. Even when you don’t feel like anyone is listening. They are. Sow the harvest even when you don’t feel like you are noticed. We need your gift. Blessings, April.

    • Reply
      October 31, 2016 at 10:21 am

      Thank you April, you have no idea how encouraging your words are for me. I am so thankful you’ve been reading along.

  • Reply
    October 24, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    This is so very appropriate for me. On Friday morning we were told that we had been selected to foster a two month old baby. We brought the bassinet out of the attic, washed a bin full of tiny clothes that our two boys had worn. We told them, age 8 and 3, that a tiny baby who needed a family would be coming to stay with us.

    Friday evening we were told that the baby is missing. The parents left the hospital and took the baby against medical advice. Social services is considering putting out an amber alert. They didn’t return our agency’s inquiry call today.

    I have a name and a birthday for a baby we’ve been chosen for. I have a bassinet and clothes, bottles lining the shelf alongside the tea cups for the first time in years. And we wait.

    • Reply
      October 31, 2016 at 10:20 am

      Oh my goodness. What a hard wait. May God be with you in this hard season.

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