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Saturday Shares

Links worth a read:

Who Else Wants A Happy Ending? by Charissa Steyn “Imagine your imagination running wild into a story where happy endings abound even when the middle seems a bit muddled, where every page is bookmarked and brimming with beauty.”

Saying Yes by Kim Rama for The Art of Simple “And then I kept saying yes to more things. Forts that take up the whole living room: yes. Science experiments that completely destroy the kitchen: yes. Painting during a home-improvement project: sure!”

The Must of Margin (and 5 Ways to Achieve it) by Abbie Meyer for Seasoned With Salt “I believe in the absolute necessity of margin – the refueling so that we can be refilled. Our spirits crave this, and I believe that a soul without silence is an unhealthy one.”

From my heart this week:

Just Start (and get over your need for a perfect plan) “Fall has taken off and I feel as though I am left chasing after it, like the kid who missed his bus. And so, without a vision of what is important, the tyrannical urgent has moved my days along.”

Wanting What I Have (for Seasoned With Salt) “How is love supposed to enter my heart when envy is taking up so much space in there? With every jealous comparison or envious comment I am inhibiting love to flourish in my speech and actions. Envy bulldozes love over, every time.”

From the archives:

In Praise of the Selfie “I don’t ever want to stop being a tourist. I want to spend my entire life with a camera in hand, looking in wonder for the next photo op, bending over flowers, or leaning out of windows to catch a picture of a deer. I want to take time to be thankful.”

Favorite Instagram:

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Happy Weekend, friends!




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