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Saturday Shares

Online links worth a read:

When a Best Friend is Hard to Find by Malinda Fuller ” It took me choosing to be brave, be vulnerable, and having to often make the first move to find those who I would now consider life-long friends.”

If You Turn Down Your Noise, You Might Finally Hear the Truth by Mike Foster “At the core, noise is escapism, yet it keeps us from being free.”

When Change is Hard & it’s hard to say goodbye to a season by Heather Avis “I thank God that as I lift up my foot to step into the next season, He is graciously placing it down exactly where it should fall.”

From my heart this week:

What I Read This Summer Because it was the summer of the books.

No More Noise “So at the start of this new season, this new semester, this new school year, we’re all hoping that the things that we’ve jotted down in our bullet journals and the items we’ve added to in our calendars and the jobs we’ve committed ourselves to will mean something in the grand scheme of this crazy world.”

From the Archives:

Fall Routines, Tired Achievers, and All Things Grace “As long as our identities our determined by what we do we are not living in the grace of God.”

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Happy weekend, friends!

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