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My Summer in Objects

Imagine burying a time capsule – a container of all the things that would capture you, exactly as you are. What would you put in it if you were to tell the story of yourself to future generations? What objects would define you with sharpest clarity?

I don’t have a plot of ground to do any digging, nor do I particularly want to lose the things making up my current life. But if I was to give you a crate of the articles revealing my version summer 2016 here are some things you might find:

  • Chacos

They might make my feet smell a little, but these sturdy sandals have been strapped onto my feet and taken me many miles walking small children up, down, and around this little town. With my chacos on my feet, I kick soccer balls, run after teetering bicycles, climb playgrounds, and spontaneously head off on any trails that catch my interest.

  • My “books checked out” shelf

My trips to the library have been frequent this summer. I rarely leave without an armload of books, and have kept them on a shelf beside the couch to inspire me to keep reading. (Look at all those good books I have yet to start!) (Be patient, I promise a full review of all the titles that have passed through this glorious shelf.)

  • Earbuds

For the first time in my life, I’m not only running – but looking forward to my next run. Early mornings and late evenings alike find me regularly slipping on my nikes, stretching my quads, and popping in my earbuds as I set out for yet another run.

  • Baby Bjorn 

Baby wearing has become the thing I love best about my job. I strap this sweet child, who is just starting to giggle and make sounds (I’m sure he said my name the other day), and we join the older two in their adventures for the day. I love watching him grow, but hope he stays ‘wearable’ for just a bit longer.

  • Flower Boxes

Ever since traveling to Europe, I’ve been waiting for the day that I might have flower boxes of my own. This was the summer it happened. The pink and purple buds that meet me as I come and go epitomizes the perfection of our current home and celebrates the fact that, for the first time in years, we are not moving this summer.

  • Our (awesome, perfect, very loved) Ikea Couch

It is where we begin our mornings as we sip our morning coffee and it is where we collapse after our work long days. It is where I’ve read all those library books, where we watch through season 4 and 5 of Once Upon a Time, it is where we bring our morning doughnuts and evening ice cream to consume. It is our resting place this summer.

  • Campfires

Work and play lead us regularly to this iconic summer tradition. We’ve both spent many of our evenings out with friends, with customers, with each other around a campfire – to the point where some of our clothes won’t be rid of that delicious smokey scent no matter what I do. (Also – I’ve already reached my s’more quota for the summer and it’s only mid July.)


What would be in your time capsule for summer 2016?  What objects are telling your summer story?


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