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Saturday Shares

Online links worth a read:

How to Receive Your Own Summer Life  by Marian Vischer “You can spend your seconds turned minutes turned years wishing for a life that isn’t yours, making yourself and everyone else miserable in the process. Or you can choose to receive the beauty, provision, and even heartache of your actual life.”

How to Slow Down Summer by Kat Lee “While I have yet to crack the code of the time space continuum, I have stumbled upon a few ways to savor and slow these days. We may not be able to manage time, but we can certainly fill it to the full.”

You are Here by Erin Loechner  “You have found your X. You are here. Let yourself be here, and rest in the crux of this spot, this day.”

Don’t Strive to Be Someone You’re Not by Andrea Lucado “When I began accepting my quiet self, I began to experience freedom. If being quiet was true about me, I didn’t have to force myself to be louder than what felt natural. I didn’t have to try to be more fun at parties when I didn’t know how to be. I could start to discover who I truly was, quiet parts and all.”


From my heart:

How to Not Waste Your Summer (or Your Life)  “I can’t wait to wake up each day without the cares and darkness that squeeze my soul into forgetting that love is really all that matters.”

Freedom Beyond America “It isn’t about where you’re born. It isn’t about who is presiding over you, who is crafting your amendments, who is representing your nation. It isn’t about your nominee, it is about your God.”

Ten Things We do to Keep Marriage FunI admire couples who make it to their thirtieth and fortieth and fiftieth anniversaries. I admire them more when they are still smiling, laughing, and having fun.”

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Happy weekend, friends!

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